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The Life And Death Of Ryan Dunn, The Doomed 'Jackass' Star

29-01-2022 · A close friend of costar Bam Margera, Dunn helped popularize the nascent genre of amateur stunts and crude pranks. Margera and Dunn started releasing the infamous daredevil video series CKY in 1999, which would serve as the eventual template for Jackass. Premiering on MTV in October 2000, Jackass became a worldwide phenomenon. Margera and Dunn ...

Ryan Dunn

Dave Benett/Getty Images The death of Ryan Dunn cast a dark shadow over the Jackass franchise.

Around 3 a.m. on June 20, 2011, Ryan Dunn crashed his Porsche into a guardrail in West Goshen Township, Pennsylvania. His vehicle then landed in the nearby woods, where it burst into flames. Ryan Dunn did not survive the crash — and his death left countless fans in mourning.

Known for starring on the Jackass TV show, Dunn was one of the most daring stunt performers on set. A close friend of costar Bam Margera, Dunn helped popularize the nascent genre of amateur stunts and crude pranks. Margera and Dunn started releasing the infamous daredevil video series CKY in 1999, which would serve as the eventual template for Jackass.

Premiering on MTV in October 2000, Jackass became a worldwide phenomenon. Margera and Dunn were overjoyed that their mischief spurred fame and fortune. But while viewers enjoyed the brazen stunts, the camaraderie of the cast was the true heart. That changed forever in 2011.

On the night of his death, Ryan Dunn drank with abandon at Barnaby’s West Chester bar. Then, Dunn and his friend, a production assistant named Zachary Hartwell, took off in Dunn’s Porsche. At some point while on the road, Dunn accelerated to 130 miles per hour and veered off Route 322. Tragically, this move would spell the demise of both Dunn and Hartwell.

“I’ve never seen a car destroyed in an automobile accident the way this car was even before it caught on fire,” said West Goshen Police Chief Michael Carroll. “The automobile actually came apart. It was unbelievable and I’ve been on a lot of fatal accident scenes. This is by far the worst I’ve ever seen.”

This is the full, tragic story behind the life and death of Ryan Dunn

The Rise Of A “Jackass”

Ryan Dunn And Bam Margera

MTV Jackass costars Ryan Dunn and Bam Margera met on the first day of high school.

Ryan Matthew Dunn was born on June 11, 1977, in Medina, Ohio. His family soon moved to Williamsville, New York, but later settled in West Chester, Pennsylvania, just in time for high school. It was on his first day of class that Ryan Dunn met his friend and future costar Bam Margera.

The family move to West Chester was meant to curb Dunn’s burgeoning drug use, but the new town still became a proverbial playground for the 15-year-old and his wild new friend. While Margera was already a talented skateboarder and Dunn was eager to improve, they mainly recorded pranks and failed stunts that they could gleefully show to their friends.

Their growing crew of misfits eventually became locally famous after they started releasing videos under the name CKY, an acronym for “Camp Kill Yourself.” Meanwhile, Dunn also worked as a welder and at gas stations to support himself. But before long, his life would soon change overnight.

It all started when Margera’s friend Johnny Knoxville got his hands on CKY material in 2000. He wanted to use some of the footage for an upcoming project, which turned out to be the Jackass TV show. After premiering on MTV in October 2000, it attracted millions of young viewers.

But it would also pave the way for Dunn’s downfall.

Inside The Tragic Downfall And Death Of Ryan Dunn

Jackass Stars

Cheree Ray/FilmMagic/Getty Images Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, and Loomis Fall, pictured in 2008.

Jackass ran for about two years and led to a feature film in 2002. But as the crew became more famous, their work seemed to become more and more dangerous. As for Dunn, he was nicknamed “Random Hero” for taking on stunts that even some of his fellow costars refused to do.

Perhaps most telling, Dunn was obsessed with the power of fast cars. He once even flipped a car eight times with Margera as a passenger. Though Dunn would go on to receive 23 driving citations, 10 of which were for speeding, being a Jackass star meant that he almost never slowed down.

However, a serious injury from filming Jackass Number Two in 2006 did land Dunn in the hospital with a potentially fatal blood clot. He was also struggling with Lyme disease and depression during this time. But although he cut off contact with his friends for a couple of years, he ultimately rejoined the gang for Jackass 3D in 2010. He appeared to be happy.

But on June 20, 2011, 34-year-old Ryan Dunn fatefully got behind the wheel after a night of partying. Sources said that he may have had up to 11 drinks between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 2:21 a.m. Some of the last photos of Dunn alive show him at Barnaby’s in seemingly good spirits with numerous fans and friends, including the 30-year-old Zachary Hartwell.

A production assistant on the second Jackass film, Hartwell was also an Iraq War veteran who had just recently gotten married. Hartwell and Dunn had been out celebrating a new deal together when tragedy struck.

Shortly after they left the bar, they were both killed when Dunn careened off the road at 130 miles per hour and smashed through a guardrail into some nearby trees. Before long, Dunn’s car was engulfed in flames.

The impact shattered the vehicle into pieces, most of which were blackened by the fire. A skid mark left behind on the road — where Dunn had tried to brake or turn — spanned 100 feet. And Dunn’s body was so badly burned by the flames that he had to be identified by his tattoos and hair.

How Did Ryan Dunn Die?

Death Of Ryan Dunn

Jeff Fusco/Getty ImagesFans were heartbroken when they learned how Ryan Dunn died.

The day after Ryan Dunn’s death, Margera visited the crash site in disbelief.

“I’ve never lost anybody that I cared about. It’s my best friend,” Margera said. “He was the happiest person ever, the smartest guy. He had so much talent, and he had so many things going for him. This is not right, not right.”

To make a tragic situation even more upsetting, it was later revealed that Ryan Dunn had a blood-alcohol concentration of .196 when he died — which is more than twice the legal limit in Pennsylvania. Those closest to Ryan Dunn were shocked to hear that he was so intoxicated when he died, especially since witnesses said that he didn’t appear drunk that night.

Not even April Margera, who saw her son grow up with Dunn, wanted to accept it. “I have yelled at him for lots of things but he was not a big drinker and he was always responsible as far as I know, so I cannot believe he would do that,” she said. “I am sick because it is a waste, sick because I loved him, sick because he was talented, and sick because he is gone.”

Tragically, the cause of death for Ryan Dunn — and also Zachary Hartwell — was listed as both blunt force trauma and thermal trauma. It remains unclear whether the two men died immediately on impact — or suffered unspeakable pain as they slowly perished in the raging fire.

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Home Remedies for Psoriasis

09-02-2022 · Eat foods lower in carbohydrates. Avoid high glycemic index foods. Eat healthy sources of protein. “Having a healthier diet and exercise may not completely clear up your …


Psoriasis can present a number of different challenges for those who have the condition. From the itchiness of the dry, cracked and scaly patches of skin to the occasional pain, those with psoriasis can always use some relief.

Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. Policy

Whether you experience psoriasis frequently or only occasionally, it’s always good to know the best ways to ease those symptoms. All the better if you can do it without having to schedule a doctor’s appointment.

To get a handle on the best home remedies for psoriasis, we spoke to dermatologist Sean McGregor, DO.

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis, Dr. McGregor says, is a chronic skin disorder that produces an inflammatory skin rash. The thick reddish patches of scaly skin can appear all over your body, but some of the more common places it occurs include:

  • Knees.
  • Elbows.
  • Face or scalp.
  • Around fingernails and toenails.
  • Palms.
  • Lower back.

Psoriasis is an auto-immune skin condition where your immune system attacks your skin, which in turn causes inflammation and leads to the creation of new skin cells. Because those new skin cells are created at a far faster rate than normal — every three or four days instead of every 30 or so days — the buildup of new cells creates the scaly skin.

While doctors don’t know exactly what triggers that immune system response, Dr. McGregor says, “We do know that there are genetic influences and, more recently, we’ve seen associations with metabolic syndrome, diabetes, high blood pressure and some cardiac issues.”

Natural and home remedies for psoriasis

When it comes to psoriasis, the first place to start is talking to your healthcare provider. Not every home remedy works the same for everyone, and your own doctor will be able to help you come up with a treatment plan that’s right for you and your specific condition.

Odds are some of the suggestions you receive may include one of these.

Moisturizing cleanser

Over-the-counter moisturizing cleansers like Vanicream™, CeraVe® and Cetaphil® are options that target two psoriasis symptoms: dryness and itchiness. “These products help soften some of the scaly skin and provide hydration to the skin, potentially limiting some of the itching,” explains Dr. McGregor. These options also typically lack fragrances and other ingredients that can further irritate your skin.

Oatmeal baths

Dr. McGregor recommends oatmeal baths as a way of finding temporary relief from itching, dryness and flaking skin. Of course, we’re not talking about the food type of oatmeal but rather, what’s called colloidal oatmeal, a finely ground version that dissolves in your bath or that you find in lotions and soaps. It’s often used for other skin conditions like eczema.

Epsom salt

Like oatmeal baths, a warm bath with Epsom salt can help relieve inflammation and remove those flaky scales from your skin. While there’s not a lot of scientific data on the topic, the common theory is that the magnesium in the salt aids that relief.

Coal tar

An older remedy, coal tar comes in multiple forms, including in shampoo, topical ointment and soap. “It calms down the inflammation caused by psoriasis which can help bring relief,” says Dr. McGregor.

Just be wary that it can be kind of greasy and can lead to staining of clothes or skin. As with all creams and topical ointments, you can prevent staining by wrapping the applied area in plastic wrap. “Talk to a dermatologist before your do,” advises Dr. McGregor. “It should be safe for adults, but I don’t recommend it for children.”

Salicylic acid cleansers

Like the topical cleansers listed earlier, salicylic acid cleansers, also often used to treat acne and blackheads, can provide anti-inflammation relief, as well as cleaning for scaly skin.

“One caveat with coal tar and salicylic acid cleansers is that they can also irritate skin for some people,” says Dr. McGregor. “We often recommend talking to your healthcare provider first and trying it on a small, specific area of skin rather than a large area to see what your reaction is.”

Cortisone and hydrocortisone

Again, notes Dr. McGregor, it’s all about soothing inflammation and cortisone and hydrocortisone creams do just that. “It can be beneficial to removing some of the redness and scaly skin we see with psoriasis,” he says.

Light therapy

Whether using a specific device or getting some sunlight, light therapy is a verified way to improve your psoriasis conditions. Light therapy isn’t used very much anymore not because it’s been disproven but, says Dr. McGregor, “We’ve seen so many advances in some of these other treatments that it’s fallen out of favor.”

Phototherapy for psoriasis isn’t the most convenient approach on your own, either, as the devices used for such treatment are essentially medical-grade tanning beds.

Getting regular sunlight can also help clear up psoriasis but it comes with a hitch. “Phototherapy is much different from just being in the sun,” says Dr. McGregor. A healthy amount of sunlight can help, but you never want to overdo it.

“We don’t want people spending so much time out in the sunshine just to clear up psoriasis that they put themselves at risk for sunburns or melanoma,” he says. “Especially since we have other effective ways to treat it that don’t include those risks.”

A better diet

As with so many other conditions, a healthy diet can go a long way to helping ease some of the symptoms of psoriasis. “There is that association between psoriasis and conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol,” says Dr. McGregor, “so there’s a need to focus on diets that are generally healthy.

Some tips for a better diet include:

  • Eat foods lower in carbohydrates.
  • Avoid high glycemic index foods.
  • Eat healthy sources of protein.

“Having a healthier diet and exercise may not completely clear up your psoriasis, but it’s going to help keep it from getting worse,” he says.

Aaron Donald Wife: How He Met Wife Erica Donald

08-02-2022 · Erica Sherman is the woman above. Jaelynn Blakey is Aaron Donald’s former longtime girlfriend. She gave birth to Donald’s first child Jaeda Donald in 2013 and his second child Aaron Donald Jr. in 2016. Advertisement. Blakey keeps a low profile and abstains from social media. She was raised in Pittsburgh and was Aaron’s high school sweetheart.


Few men throughout sporting history have fully earned the nickname “The Terminator.”

Tough guy Arnold Schwarzenegger both coined the moniker while setting an impossibly high bar for future Terminators to reach.

To be called “The Terminator,” you have to be as badass as Arnold. And unless you’re the Italian Stallion, you probably aren’t that badass. Most NFL football players aren’t that badass, but there is one who is. Meet American Football defensive tackle Aaron Donald.

Donald has earned his “Terminator” nickname and set the bar for its use even higher. (He also goes by “Cheat Code.”) He has been a gridiron wrecking ball in the National Football League since 2014. As the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year, he is terminating opposing offenses with extreme prejudice.

But there’s a softer side to football’s Terminator. Donald is a family man with two children and a wife. They run an organization in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which reaches out to underprivileged youth through sports and community-based projects.

The Calabasas couple met in Los Angeles, where Donald has spent much of his NFL career. Now that he’s a married family man, he’s making moves to be a Los Angeles Ram for years to come.

Aaron Donald’s Wife Erica Sherman

Erica Donald is Aaron Donald’s current wife. She formerly went by Erica Sherman, but she changed her name on Instagram, indicating the two tied the knot at some point. She also sports a massive ring on her ring finger at nearly all times.

They met while Erica worked in community marketing for the Los Angeles Rams. Erica is a Louisiana State University graduate and no longer works for the Rams.

She’s currently the Vice President of Athlete Partnerships for game1, a sports-focused Hollywood production company, in addition to being Donald’s personal marketing manager.

While helping the NFL star manage endorsements, she also serves on the board of AD99 Solutions, Aaron Donald’s Pittsburgh-based outreach program. The foundation is Aaron Donald’s way of giving back to the city that helped give him such an intimidating net worth.

Whether or not they secretly eloped (hey, maybe the star just didn’t want all the publicity) doesn’t really matter, but they live together with Aaron’s children in Calabasas, California. They also welcomed their first child together in September 2021.

They chose the name Aaric Donald because it’s a combination of both of their names.

Aaron Donald says he’s proud to welcome a third child to his family, Aaric Donald – a combo of his name and his wife, Erica’s. He now has two sons and a daughter and says they’re his motivation for everything.

— Lindsey Thiry (@LindseyThiry) September 10, 2021

Sherman makes frequent cameos on the footballer’s YouTube channel and vlog series, which has more than 100,000 subscribers.

Aaron Donald is at the top of his game right now. With his wife and children behind him, Donald plans to Terminate NFC offenses for years to come.

Aaron Donald’s Kids With Ex-Girlfriend Jaelynn Blakey

Apologies to Jaelynn Blakey, who is not the woman depicted above. Erica Sherman is the woman above.

Jaelynn Blakey is Aaron Donald’s former longtime girlfriend. She gave birth to Donald’s first child Jaeda Donald in 2013 and his second child Aaron Donald Jr. in 2016.

Blakey keeps a low profile and abstains from social media. She was raised in Pittsburgh and was Aaron’s high school sweetheart.

It’s unclear when Blakey and Donald broke up. Safe to assume, it was some time before Donald asked Erica Sherman to marry him.

Early Life & College Career

Aaron Donald looks on from the sideline before a college football game between the Akron Zips and Pitt Panthers.
Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

Aaron Charles Donald is more than a father of two and a defensive end for the LA Rams.

The football player starred as a defensive tackle at Penn Hills High School. Donald’s father Archie would wake up Aaron and his older brother Archie Donald Jr. for early morning work-outs, even earlier than his mother Anita Goggins got up.

The early-morning family time spent in the gym paid off when Aaron received scholarship offers from Toledo and Pittsburgh. He chose to stay local and play his NCAA football career at Pitt.

Donald played four seasons as a University of Pittsburgh Panthers defensive linemen before declaring for the 2014 NFL Draft. He navigated Pitt through the transition from the Big East to the ACC, through three BBVA Compass Bowls and to one Little Ceasar’s Bowl victory.

When Donald left Pittsburgh, he’d won ACC Defensive Player of the Year, the Bronko Nagurski Trophy, the Chuck Bednarik Award, the Lombardi Award, the Outland Trophy and earned Unanimous First-Team All-American honors. And that was just in 2013.

Aaron Donald’s NFL Career

Aaron Donald reacts after defeating the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game at SoFi Stadium on January 30, 2022.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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With the 13th-overall pick in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, the (then) St. Louis Rams selected Aaron Donald. Donald came off the board one pick after the New York Giants selected Odell Beckham Jr. Kahlil Mack went to the Oakland Raiders at No. 5 that year.

Since his All-Rookie Team season, Donald has been a Pro Bowl-level defensive tackle for the Rams organization. He won the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year and was voted First-Team All-Pro team during his sophomore season. Donald has since made every Pro Bowl and All-Pro team since 2015 — the last year the Rams were in St. Louis.

The franchise relocated and became the Los Angeles Rams (once again) in 2016. By 2018, Donald was up for a new contract. He became the highest-paid NFL player EVER on a six-year, 5 million deal ( million of which is guaranteed).

Donald’s claim to highest-paid ever lasted less than a day, as Kahlil Mack signed an even bigger deal with the Bears soon after Donald made his announcement. Undeterred and angered, if anything, Donald proved he was worth every penny.

While Donald led the Rams defense, Jared Goff and Todd Gurley led the upstart offense to Super Bowl LIII, where they lost to (who else?) Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. The Rams defeated the Dallas Cowboys and the New Orleans Saints to get there.

Aaron Donald remains one of the NFL’s most dominant forces in 2022. Teams must constantly double-team the consistent NFC Defensive Player of the Week, though he continues to put up huge sack numbers.

Behind Donald and the defense, as well as new quarterback Matthew Stafford, the Rams charged their way through the playoffs to play in Super Bowl LVI against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Donald, his loving partner Erica and his three children will assuredly be in Los Angeles cheering him on.

MORE: Aaron Donald’s Nephew, 4-Star Recruit, Ready to Dominate College Football

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12-05-2022 · PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images. Many are calling for Coinbase users to move crypto to hardware wallets, or physical storage devices. Coinbase disclosed Tuesday that it could absorb users ...


Coinbase on Tuesday warned it could absorb its users' crypto as property in the unlikely event of bankruptcy.

The acknowledgment put some crypto-watchers in a tizzy as it appeared to go against a core tenet of the decentralized finance movement: giving people complete control and ownership of their money.

And now, many users on Twitter and other social media sites are calling for Coinbase users to transfer their crypto to so-called hardware wallets as a solution.

Experts have long said hardware storage is the most secure way to store keys, and Douglas Borthwick — chief business officer at crypto firm INX — told Insider that doing so is something that many long-time crypto users, or HODLers, have already mastered.

These maximalists want to hold onto their balance, not trade it. For that reason, it might be new crypto disciples that get burned if Coinbase ever did go bankrupt.

"The hardware wallet is essentially like putting something in Fort Knox," Borthwick said.

—Duo Nine (@DU09BTC) May 11, 2022

There are exchanges and then there are 'hot' and 'cold' wallets

There are a few ways to store digital coins. One is to simply keep them on an exchange like Coinbase. That avenue might now seem a bit sketchy to some given the company's disclosure this week.

Coins left on Coinbase would become collateral for the company in bankruptcy proceedings, it said. That's different than in a bank or licensed brokerage account, for instance. He said the company included the disclosure because of rules recently set by the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

A second way is to store crypto on a software, or digital, self-custody wallet. This puts more power over your coins into your own hands — so the phrase goes, "not your keys, not your coins." You access your holdings that are stored in these wallets with private keys, which are passwords otherwise known as seed phrases. It's a unique 12 or 24-word phrase of random words.

—The DeFi Edge 🗡️ (@thedefiedge) May 11, 2022

Coinbase has one of these "hot" wallets, called Coinbase Wallet, and others include Rainbow and MetaMask.

Another is Exodus, which told investors Wednesday: "You'll always have that 12-word phrase if you want it. It's at your disposal. You can take it to any other platform and access your wealth. That's one of the key powerful features of self-custody."

Then there's a hardware, or "cold," wallet that looks like a USB drive. It's a physical device that stores your private keys in a secure, offline way, giving you another line of defense against malware and cyberattacks. You can keep keys to different cryptocurrencies on it too, like bitcoin and ether. Ledger and Trezor are two of the most popular companies offering these gadgets.

—EthereumJesus.eth ⟠ 🙌🏻🦇🔊 (@EthereumJesus) May 11, 2022

"It's out of control of exchange platforms," Nicole DeCicco, the founder of a crypto consulting firm that specializes in cold storage, told Insider. "Essentially when you hold your crypto in cold storage, you own the private key, and the private key is really the essence of custody."

The downside to them is that if you misplace it and don't remember your private key, you lose access to your crypto forever. Still, they provide eons more security in a space fraught with bad actors.

"If I have a bag of gold, I can either keep it on the counter for people when they want it, or I can keep it stored in my vault and I can go and get it and retrieve it when someone wants it," Borthwick said.

Are you a Coinbase user considering transferring your holdings? Get in touch with this reporter at [email protected]

08-02-2022 · To cook a frozen pork loin in the crock pot first season your meat just as you would if it was fresh. Allow the frozen pork loin to cook in the slow cooker for four hours on high or …


How long does pork take in the slow cooker?

Season the pork with salt and pepper then heat the oil in a large frying pan over a medium to high heat. Brown the pork shoulder on all sides then transfer to a slow cooker. Add all the other ingredients, then cook on low for 6-8 hours until the meat pulls apart when pressed with two forks.

How long does pork take in slow cooker on low?

Season the pork all over with salt, pepper, and any other seasonings you’d like, then place it in the slow cooker. Cover with a lid and cook on low for about 8 hours, until it reaches an internal temperature of 190F.

How long does it take to cook 3 pounds of pork in crock pot?

Slow Cookers – Times, Temperatures and Techniques Meat Cut Meat Weight High cook time Pork Loin 3-4 lbs 5 hours Poultry 6 lbs 6 ¼ hours Beef Roast 3-4 lbs 5 ¾ hours Stew meat 3 lbs 4 ¾ hours.

How long does it take to cook 2 pounds of pork in a slow cooker?

On LOW you should cook the roast for 2 hours per pound and on HIGH 1 hour per pound 1 hour. Just make sure your roast has an internal temperature of 145 degrees F tested with a meat thermometer.

Is 4 hours on high the same as 8 hours on low?

The only difference between the HIGH and LOW setting on a slow cooker is the amount of time it takes to reach the simmer point, or temperature at which the contents of the appliance are being cooked at. Or if a recipe calls for eight hours on HIGH, it can be cooked for up to 12 hours on LOW.

How long does pork take in the slow cooker on high?

On a high setting the pork should take 3 hrs. Smaller slow cookers will cook faster than larger one.

How long does it take to cook a 7lb pork shoulder in a slow cooker?

bone-in pork shoulder typically takes 6-8 hours on the low setting and 3-4 hours on the high setting in my manual slow cooker. One that’s twice the size (7 to 8 lbs.) will take twice as long (12-14 hours on low and 6-8 hours on high).

Is it better to slow cook on low or high?

You can cook on high or low — there’s no in-between. So what’s the best choice for scrumptious slow cooked meals? As the saying goes, less is more. According to Jack Bishop of America’s Test Kitchen, using the high setting on the slow cooker has the potential to ruin a dish.

Does pork roast get more tender the longer you cook it?

Does meat get more tender the longer you cook it in a slow cooker? Not if you’re using a leaner cut in the slow cooker, like chicken breast or pork chops. To help keep these cuts moist, decrease the cook time to 2-4 hours.

How do you know when a pork roast is done in slow cooker?

Cover and cook on high for 6-7 hours or low for 9-10 or until meat pulls apart easily with a fork. Remove from crockpot and shred meat. Remove any large pieces of fat. Save some of the juice to spoon over pork when serving.4 days ago.

How long does a 5 pound roast take to cook in a crock pot?

Nestle the beef into the onions and add the broth, Worcestershire, carrots, parsley, thyme, bay leaves and celery, and stir well to combine. Cover and cook until the meat is fork-tender, about 8 hours. Remove the roast from the slow cooker and cover to keep warm.

Do I need to add liquid to slow cooker pork?

For an all-American classic, I use a mix of ketchup, grainy mustard, apple cider vinegar, and Coca-Cola. Your liquid should not cover your pork in the slow cooker: it should only come up about a quarter of the way up the sides. The pork will make more liquid as it cooks, and you need to leave room for that.

What is low heat on a slow cooker?

In general, Low setting on a slow cooker = 190 degrees F and High setting = 300 degrees F. When using a slow cooker, follow these guidelines. Cooker should be ½ to ¾ full for best results. Check internal temperature to make sure food reaches 160°F.

Can I put a frozen pork roast in the crockpot?

You can put frozen pork loin in the crock pot and it will be delicious! To cook a frozen pork loin in the crock pot first season your meat just as you would if it was fresh. Allow the frozen pork loin to cook in the slow cooker for four hours on high or eight hours on low.

What goes good with roast pork?

17 Best Side Dishes to Serve With a Pork Roast Dinner Cheese Grits Casserole. Cherry Farro Salad with Sweet Vinaigrette. Baked Macaroni and Cheese III. Sweet Potato, Carrot, Apple, and Red Lentil Soup. Roasted Green Beans. Garlic Mashed Cauliflower. Baked Polenta with Fresh Tomatoes and Parmesan. Couscous Fruit Salad.

Can you switch from low to high on a slow cooker?

If timing does not allow the recipe to be cooked on low for as long as required, the slow cooker can be turned up to high and the cooking time reduced. Convert cooking time by using a ratio of 2 hours of cooking on low as being equal to 1 hour of cooking on high.

What is medium on a slow cooker?

The MED (MEDIUM) setting is the standard setting for slow cooking with this product. This gives you an average of 6-8 hours cooking time. However if you wish to extend the cooking period, you can use the LOW setting and if you wish to shorten the cooking period you can use the HIGH setting.

Is 1 or 2 high on a slow cooker?

CrockPot Consumer Care Thanks for reaching out to us. The O is Off, the I is the Low setting, and the II is the High setting. There is also a picture of a pot, which stands for the Warm setting. We hope this information helps.

High ferritin: when to worry? The telltale symptoms to …

22-02-2022 · The total amount of ferritin in the body is approximately 6 grams, of which: 5 grams is tissue ferritin, and is present in particular in the liver, spleen, bone marrow and skeletal muscle; approximately 1 gram is detectable in plasma. The concentration of serum ferritin is related to iron stores in the body and is a tumour marker.


By Cristiano Antonino

In the case of high ferritin or hyperferritinemia, the medical term for an overload of iron in the blood, however, there is no need to be alarmed but it is advisable to carry out further investigations to find out the cause.

What is ferritin and what is it used for?

Ferritin is the protein responsible for storing the right amount of iron in the body: assessing its dosage is an important parameter in knowing how much iron we have in reserve.

The total amount of ferritin in the body is approximately 6 grams, of which:

  • 5 grams is tissue ferritin, and is present in particular in the liver, spleen, bone marrow and skeletal muscle;
  • approximately 1 gram is detectable in plasma.

The concentration of serum ferritin is related to iron stores in the body and is a tumour marker.

High ferritin – the telltale symptoms to look out for

The symptoms generally associated with hyperferritinemia can be vague and non-specific, as it often occurs without any real symptoms.

However, in some cases, asthenia and weakness can be observed, often associated with both abdominal and joint pain.

How to interpret increased ferritin values in the blood

Before explaining what an increase in ferritin in the blood may represent, it is useful to state what values are considered normal:

  • for women: up to 250 nanograms per millilitre;
  • for men: up to 340 ng/mL.

Small increases in ferritin compared with the values considered normal may indicate acute or chronic inflammatory or dysmetabolic conditions.

On the other hand, more significant elevations, indicating an overload of iron in the blood, are generally due to:

  • certain liver disorders
  • hemochromatosis (a disease caused by certain defects in the iron-relating mechanisms that produce an accumulation of iron);
  • acute and chronic infections;
  • autoimmune diseases such as lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis;
  • post transfusion;
  • alcoholism;
  • certain cancers.
Advantec 720×90 Aside Logo

Physiological variations affecting ferritin:

There are factors, however, that affect blood ferritin values such as:

  • age: higher levels are found at birth and in the first few months of life up to 600 ng/mL);
  • gender: ferritin is higher in men and lower in women at least until the menopause);
  • pregnancy;
  • regular and intense physical activity.

What happens if you have high ferritin

Excessive iron deposition in the body can represent a risk as it can be deposited in the organs (heart, liver, testicles) and joints, leading to more serious problems.

High ferritin levels are also associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

What to eat and treatment

Treating the exact cause of elevated blood iron levels is clinically difficult but, in general, there is a tendency to monitor and treat the resulting liver overload.

Certainly a low iron diet and total abstention from alcohol consumption, together with therapeutic phlebotomy (the ancient bloodletting) or a therapy based on ferro-chelating drugs, are always useful indications in these cases.

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GTA 5: All PS5 vs PS4 Differences

11-03-2022 · All of the changes in this section of the article refer to the overall GTA 5 experience, ...


Every change and alteration

  • get2sammyb
  • by Sammy Barker

GTA 5: All PS5 vs PS4 Differences Guide 1

What are all PS5 vs PS4 differences in GTA 5? Grand Theft Auto 5, alongside multiplayer mode GTA Online, first released on PS3 in 2013 and has been upgraded for the PS5 and PS4 in the years since. But what are all PS5 vs PS4 differences that you should pay attention to? We're going to detail every alteration in this article, and you can find out much more about Rockstar's release in our GTA Online guide.

This page includes all PS5 vs PS4 differences for GTA 5, but we've divided it into two sections covering the single player campaign and GTA Online.


All of the changes in this section of the article refer to the overall GTA 5 experience, including the core single player story involving Michael, Franklin, and Trevor and GTA Online.


Three graphical options, including 4K and 60 frames-per-second

1080p, 30 frames-per-second
Seamless character switching Longer loading times

Upgraded textures and draw distance

Standard textures and draw distance

Raytracing support in select graphical modes No raytracing
HDR support No HDR support
3D audio support Stereo audio
DualSense controller support with haptic feedback Standard rumble feedback
Improved gameplay and controls Standard gameplay and controls

GTA Online

All of the changes in this section of the article refer specifically to GTA Online, which is GTA 5's online multiplayer mode.

Career Builder to help new players get started No Career Builder
New main menu loading stream highlighting promoted content Standard loading screen
Hao's Special Works for brand new, new-gen exclusive speed modifications No speed improvement modifications
Hao's Special Works Time Trial events No Hao's Special Works Time Trial events
Hao's Special Works Premium Test Ride No Hao's Special Works Premium Test Ride
Upgraded textures and draw distance Standard textures and draw distance
Raytracing support in select graphical modes No raytracing
HDR support No HDR support
3D audio support Stereo audio
DualSense controller support with haptic feedback Standard rumble feedback
Improved gameplay and controls Standard gameplay and controls

Which of the all PS5 vs PS4 differences are you most looking forward to in GTA 5? Have a browse of our GTA Online guide, and let us know in the comments section below.

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5 Ways to Make a DIY Crop Top From a T-Shirt: Easy No-Sew …

09-02-2022 · Put your shirt on inside out and mark where you want to crop the shirt on both sides. Using a ruler to connect the crop marks Lay your shirt flat and connect your crop marks in a straight line. Marking the t-shirt Make a mark in the center a couple of inches down from the crop line. Connecting the edges to the crop line


In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make a crop top from a t-shirt in five different ways. These five methods of making a DIY crop top from a t-shirt are all no-sew and super-easy to do. Let's get started!

Tools and materials:

  • T-shirts
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Fabric chalk or marker

1. Knotted crop top

Put your shirt on inside out and mark where you want to crop the shirt on both sides.

Lay your shirt flat and connect your crop marks in a straight line.

Draw a line from the center of the shirt down to the hem. Then, cut along the line through the front layer of the shirt, stopping at the crop line. 

Put your shirt back on and tie the two sides together. 

Here’s the finished look. 

Put your shirt on inside out and mark where you want to crop the shirt on both sides.

Lay your shirt flat and connect your crop marks in a straight line. Then, cut alongside the line through both layers of fabric. 

Here’s the finished look.

Put your shirt on inside out and mark where you want to crop the shirt on both sides.

Lay your shirt flat and connect your crop marks in a straight line. 

Starting a couple inches in from the side of the shirt, at the crop mark, draw a diagonal line down to the bottom center of the shirt. Repeat on the other side to form a triangle.

Draw a line from the center of the triangle to the bottom of the shirt.

Start cutting in from one side, down the diagonal line, up the other, and out the other side.

Then, cut up the center line and stop at the crop line.

Flip your shirt over, then mark the crop line on the back side. 

Cut straight across the back layer only.  

Put your shirt back on and then tie the two pieces together. Here’s the finished look. 

Put your shirt on inside out and mark where you want to crop the shirt on both sides.

Lay your shirt flat and use a ruler to connect your crop marks in a straight line. 

Trace a line around the collar.

From the center, draw a line starting from halfway down the shirt to the crop line.

Draw a curved line from each side of the collar to the center line.

From the bottom of the crop line, continue the straight line from the center of the shirt halfway down. 

Starting a couple inches out from the center line, draw a curved L shape down, following an inch away from the center line then curving back to the outer edge of the shirt.    

Keeping the inch distance from the center line, curve the center line out to the side of the shirt, following the curve of the first line.

Repeat on the other side.  

Cut out the straps through both layers of the shirt by following the lines below the crop line. Leave them attached to the top. 

Only cutting through the top layer of the shirt, cut along the lines above the crop line.

Cut out the collar in the back. 

Flip the shirt over, and cut off the straps from the back layer only.

Put your shirt back on and cross each side in the front. 

Either tie in the back or wrap it back around to tie it in the front. 

Here’s the finished look.

Put your shirt on inside out and mark where you want to crop the shirt on both sides.

Lay your shirt flat and connect your crop marks in a straight line. 

Make a mark in the center a couple of inches down from the crop line.

Connect that line to the edge of the shirt a couple inches above the crop line on both sides.

Draw another pointed line parallel to the first but six inches below it. 

Now measure out inch-wide sections along the top pointed line.

Use the inch marks to draw parallel vertical lines down to the bottom pointed line.

Cut through both layers of fabric along the bottom pointed line. 

Cut all of the vertical lines, stopping at the top pointed line. Don’t forget to cut the side seams up to the pointed line as well.

Now stretch all of the pieces to create a fringe.

Here’s the final look. 

I really hope you enjoyed this DIY t-shirt cutting crop top tutorial. Let me know which one you’ll be trying in the comments below. Thanks for joining!

Published February 9th, 2022 1:33 AM

What Happened To Nicolas Cage? (Explained)

14-02-2022 · In 2006, Nicolas Cage purchased a 500-year-old Bavarian castle in Etzelwang, Germany named Neidstein Castle. The castle is 9,688 square feet and has 28 different rooms with 10 bedrooms and five bathrooms. When Cage first bought the castle, …

Nicolas Cage attends the German Sustainability Award
(Photo by Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images)

Nicolas Cage is known for being one of the most eccentric actors in Hollywood, whether he is on or off the screen.

His sheer level of dedication has led many people to believe that he’s taken a dive off of the deep end, but it has earned him the title of a most dedicated and memorable actor.

Although Cage may not be appearing in as many movies as he used to, he is still an active member of Hollywood.

With all the strange decisions Cage has made over the years, some people are left to wonder what happened to him.

What Happened To Nicolas Cage?

Nicolas Cage attends the GQ Men
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

Tragedy struck Nicolas Cage well before he was ever born.

What happened to him impacted the way he looked at the world in a deep and profound way.

Cage’s mother suffered from schizophrenia, which is something she struggled with her entire life.

Her name was Joy Vogelsang, and she had been a dancer in her younger years.

She was strikingly beautiful and showed Nicolas Cage and his brother another way to see the world.

While Nicolas Cage found beauty in the way that his mother saw the world, some family memories are drenched in just as much fear as they are drenched in wonder.

At an extremely young age, Cage was able to see the way his mother suffered and how old-fashioned treatments for her mental illness only caused her more pain.

Some of the most upsetting memories that Nicolas Cage had as a child were the times he visited his mother at the mental institution.

He hated the way that hands would reach out from behind barred doors to grab him as he made his way down the long hallways.

What made him even more upset was the way his mother would appear after receiving shock therapy.

Eventually, Cage became numb to the anxiety he felt and was able to look at the situation his mother was in from a scientific level, but he still saw that the way she was being treated was wrong.

Despite the upsetting things that Nicolas Cage went through as a child, he still saw his mother as affectionate, beautiful, charismatic, and talented.

The mother–son pair had a close relationship, but she sadly passed away at the age of 85 after spending two weeks in the hospital.

Nicolas Cage claims that she was the driving force behind his creativity and work ethic.

Buying The Stolen Skull Of A Dinosaur

Skull of the dinosaur

Nicolas Cage bought the skull of a Tyrannosaurus bataar for 6,000 in 2007.

The dinosaur skull was sold at a Beverly Hills gallery, where Cage reportedly outbid fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio for the prized fossil.

The Tyrannosaurus bataar is a relative to the Tyrannosaurus rex.

These dinosaurs walked the Earth 70 million years ago and have only been discovered in Mongolia.

Seven years later, Cage received a call from the Department of Homeland Security, who had some alarming news regarding the actor’s fossil.

At the time, the Department of Homeland Security believed that the skull Cage had bought was actually stolen from a museum in Mongolia.

The fossil dealer, Eric Prokopi, had just been jailed for smuggling entire sets of dinosaur bones, one of which being a Tyrannosaurus bataar.

When the actor had initially bought the skull, the news made headlines all over tabloids and pop culture magazines.

In 2015, it was determined that Nicolas Cage’s dinosaur skull was indeed the one stolen from the Mongolian museum.

By December of 2015, Cage had sent the skull of the Tyrannosaurus bataar back to where it belonged and could be enjoyed by many people.

Due to how common the theft of dinosaur fossils is in Mongolia, the exportation of dinosaur fossils was criminalized in 1924.

Although Cage may have lost his dinosaur skull, he has other rare treasures that he’s picked up over the years.

Cage has a collection of shrunken heads that he keeps on display at his house.

Nobody knows exactly why he owns them, but perhaps his National Treasure series inspired a love for the preservation of history.

When the actor passes away, he plans on having his body laid to rest inside a massive pyramid tomb in the St. Louis Cemetery.

Cage’s love of history will live on forever.

Taking Real Estate To Whole New Level

Nicolas Cage poses next to the beach closet
(Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images)

There was a point in Nicolas Cage’s life where he owned 15 different residences around the world and has made himself just as much of a treasure hunter as he is a house hunter.

Although he may not own many of these houses anymore, he has still been the owner of many famous homes around the world.

Cage once owned the “Most Haunted House in America,” which was originally owned by the crazed 19th century Madame Delphine LaLaurie.

Madame LaLaurie was known for torturing and murdering slaves on the property.

This Louisiana home is located in the French District of New Orleans.

The historical home was purchased by Cage in 2007, but he was forced to sell it in 2009.

Another famous home that Nicolas Cage owned was his million beachfront home on Newport Beach with a yacht-ready dock that Cage had installed when moving in.

Although the home seemed perfect, he got scared off his own property when a fan broke into the home.

One night, Nicolas Cage awoke to find a fan wearing nothing but one of his leather jackets and eating a Fudgesicle next to his bed.

The actor quickly sold the property for million and immediately used the money to purchase cars and another home.

Cage once bought an old English country mansion in Newport, Rhode Island for .7 million.

He eventually had to sell that property at a .5 million loss, but it didn’t stop him from purchasing more eccentric homes.

In 2006, Cage bought a 14,000-square-foot property for .5 million in Las Vegas.

He went to sell the house for .94 million but was unable to get a seller and was forced to foreclose the house in 2010.

His Private Island And Castles

Nicolas Cage leaves the Palazzo del Cinema
(Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

As if buying up any of the luxury homes he wanted wasn’t enough, Nicolas Cage has purchased an entire island and two different castles.

When it comes to property, Cage has proven that he is still willing to purchase whatever he can afford.

In 2003, Cage purchased Leaf Cay Island in the Bahamas for million.

The island is home to multiple luxury hotels, which are frequented by the rich and famous from all over the world.

Leaf Cay Island is 30 acres and includes three majestic beaches, an area with protected deep sea access, and a small pond in the center.

The private island is currently up for sale and has an asking price of .5 million.

In 2006, Nicolas Cage purchased a 500-year-old Bavarian castle in Etzelwang, Germany named Neidstein Castle.

The castle is 9,688 square feet and has 28 different rooms with 10 bedrooms and five bathrooms.

When Cage first bought the castle, it was dilapidated and on the verge of crumbling.

Luckily, Cage was more than willing to pay for the restoration of the historic castle.

The property comes with 400 acres of grasslands and forests.

For the castle and all of the land, Cage paid .3 million and seems to be the most reasonable property purchase has yet to make.

Only a year after being his first castle, Cage decided to purchase a second castle in Midford Valley, England.

He purchased the Midford Castle and the 47 surrounding acres for about £5 million.

Just as he had done with his last castle, he intended to restore the place.

However, Cage was forced to sell the castle only two years after purchasing it.

The owner who purchased the house from Cage was able to complete the renovations that Cage started.

His Exotic Pets

Albino king cobra

Although most people know that Nicolas Cage has eaten a grasshopper on the set of Vampire’s Kiss, what you may not know is that the eccentric actor is also a huge animal lover.

While none of his pets are traditional, he cares for them all deeply.

Cage has had a long list of exotic pets, which he credits for teaching him how to act better and inspiring him.

One of the pets that he claims has helped his acting the most is his 0,000 octopus.

Cage purchased his two albino king cobras, Moby and Sheba, for a combined 6,000.

He later sold them because he believed they were unhappy and had a habit of hypnotizing him with their back scales before lunging at him.

Nicolas Cage also has two crows named Huggin and Hoogan, which are both pretty intelligent.

While Hoogan is known for being the more intelligent of the two crows, Huggin still knows about words such as “hi,” “goodbye,” and “a**hole.”

Cage was able to watch Huggin hatch from his egg and knew from the start that he was going to need special care.

Between the troublesome antics and high maintenance care that comes with owning crows, Cage was ready to have his hands full from the start.

Despite the bird’s mischievous hijinks, Cage loves being a crow owner and finds their intelligence fascinating.

These birds are living the high life in their massive and luxurious 16-foot geodesic dome

The most traditional pets that Nicolas Cage owns are his two Maine Coons, Tigra and Merlin.

Merlin was adopted from the OtiCami Maine Coon Cattery and is completely black.

Tigra was named after her striped pattern.

Cage has admitted that has considering getting an even bigger breed of cat, like a Savannah.

Going Through 5 Marriages

Nicolas Cage
(Photo by Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images)

Since 1995, Nicolas Cage has been married to five different women.

Each relationship has its own portion of the Nicolas Cage strangeness that the public has come to know and be amused by.

Nicolas Cage’s first wife was actress Patricia Arquette, whom he married in 1995.

The pair had met at a restaurant in 1987 and Cage proposed to Arquette on the spot.

He requested Arquette to send him on a “quest” to earn her hand in marriage, and he would do it immediately.

Shocked by the older actor’s request, Arquette gave him a list of things that she thought to be impossible.

Some of the things on her list included getting an autograph from J.D. Salinger, a Hill tribe wedding costume, stealing a Bob’s Big Boy statue, and finding a black orchid.

As soon as he returned with her requested items, Arquette was in shock, and Cage asked to marry her once again.

Sadly, their relationship did last long, and they were divorced by 2001.

The following year, Nicolas Cage decided to marry the daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley.

Again, this relationship didn’t last long, and they were divorced only three months later.

Although they aren’t married anymore, they’ve remained friends.

In 2004, Nicolas Cage married 19-year-old waitress Alice Kim.

Cage felt that he had a more stable lifestyle when he was with Kim, who is also the mother of his younger son Kal-El.

His shortest marriage was with makeup artist Erika Koike in March 2019, and they divorced that same month.

The pair had been dating for a year and got married while intoxicated in Las Vegas.

His most recent marriage is with 27-year-old Riko Shibata, whom he married in Las Vegas in 2020.

Cage claims they’re “very happy.”

His Recent Drunken Escapades

Actor Nicolas Cage
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

On September 13th of 2021, Nicolas Cage was thrown out of Lawry’s Prime Rib by staff members after arguing with staff and other patrons of the restaurant.

When Cage arrived, he was “completely drunk and being rowdy.”

He originally waltzed into the upscale steakhouse wearing nothing more than a black t-shirt, leopard-print pajama pants, and flip flops.

After downing multiple shots of tequila and a 1980 single-malt Macallan whiskey, Cage began to walk around the restaurant shoeless, attempting to pick fights with anyone.

Nicolas Cage was in such rough shape that the staff and patrons didn’t recognize him at first and assumed that he was a homeless man.

Then again, a homeless man wouldn’t be able to afford to drink over ,800 worth of alcohol in just one sitting.

Cage has suffered from substance abuse since his early 20s.

One of his most infamous tales of his drug use was the time that he took magic mushrooms with his cat named Lewis.

According to an interview Cage gave with David Letterman in 2010, his cat accidentally ate the mushrooms and the actor’s only thought was that he should join Lewis on his psychedelic trip.

All Cage remembers doing is lying on his bed, staring at his cat as the cat stared straight back, and he began believing that his cat was his brother.

Nicolas Cage told The Guardian that he becomes incredibly self-destructive when he doesn’t have work to do.

Work keeps him focused on what he needs to get done and keeps him too busy to make horrible life decisions.

His sons, Weston and Kal-El are another inspiration that has kept Cage in line.

Cage knew that he couldn’t be going on crazy, drug-induced benders and be a good father at the same time.

Nicolas Cage Is Unforgettable

Actor Nicolas Cage answers a question
(Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

While there may be an argument as to whether Nicolas Cage is the greatest actor of all time, there is no denying that he is easily one of the most unforgettable actors of the 20th and 21st centuries.

From the wild characters he plays on the screen to real-life scenarios that sound like they came straight out of a movie, Cage has proven that he can hold the spotlight without even having to appear in a movie.

Despite having taken well over 100 different roles, Nicolas Cage has vowed to never retire from acting.

Cage claims that he is happiest while he is working, so there’s no reason for him to give up his job.

Although some of his friends in Hollywood are concerned about the level of work that he takes on constantly, Cage claims that his dedication to his work keeps him healthier and in a better state of mind.

If working is what keeps Nicolas Cage in a place where he is proud of himself, then he should continue to the movie industry for as long as he pleases.

Do Gua Sha Actually Work? What is Gua Sha Stone?

19-05-2022 · what is gua sha . Gua Sha is a facial massage technique that involves gently scraping the surface of the skin with a smooth-edged tool or stone, such as jade or rose …

how to use gua sha on back
how to use gua sha on back

Do gua sha actually work? Can Gua Sha really sculpt, smooth and enhance your natural features? In short, the answer is complicated.

Gua sha facials seem to be a new trend as they take over TikTok (along with dermaplaning) in North America and Europe, but the treatment has been around for a long time – say many practitioners of traditional East Asian medicine since time immemorial.

While your dermatologist may not be prescribing gua sha stone therapy anytime soon, this traditional skin care practice may have some positive effects that are not fully understood by modern Western medicine.

What is Gua Sha?

what is gua sha
what is gua sha

Gua Sha is a facial massage technique that involves gently scraping the surface of the skin with a smooth-edged tool or stone, such as jade or rose quartz. Gua sha is not a new health trend – it has a long history in traditional Chinese medicine, with its first recorded use in AD 1337. ² Skin scraping is also used as a medical technique in cultures outside of China (eg ancient Greece). Scraping may sound painful, but it really just refers to the brush strokes you make with the tool, and it means relaxation. The benefits of gua sha are believed to range from lightening fine lines to sculpting the face.

Gua sha facial has only recently become popular in the West, mainly due to people sharing their benefits of scraping on many explosive social media, such as Tiktok, Youtube, etc.

What Tools can be Used for Gua Sha?

Gua sha is traditionally done with horn, jade or rose quartz tools, the key is whether it can successfully complete the gua sha work on your face. The exact type of materials and tools is up to your personal preference, no matter how your skin feels. Choose something that is smooth and free of debris or sharp edges that could irritate or cut your skin, and keep it clean.

What are the Benefits of Gua Sha?

We think Gua Sha is a great way to relax and relieve stress, but we’re skeptical of the hype and lack of scientific research to back it up as it relates to skin care. There is currently no medical evidence that gua sha has benefits for the skin (such as improving fine lines), but some studies point to potential benefits of the gua sha massage technique—not just for the face, but for the entire body. Here’s what we know:

face sculpting

Those who enjoy Gua Sha facials say they help reduce puffiness and inflammation while providing cosmetic benefits (again, there’s no scientific evidence to back this up). That said, if you’ve tried everything to get rid of puffiness under your eyes, it doesn’t hurt to try scraping to see if it works for you. In the opinion of experts, Gua Sha is probably not an effective facial sculpting technique, it can only improve your facial condition when there are problems with your face, but it does not cause miraculous changes to your original face.

Of course, one of the best ways to deal with puffy eye bags is to make lifestyle changes. First: limit salt intake, get more sleep, manage allergies.

muscle tension

For many people, doing gua sha feels good—a real benefit, even if it’s hard to quantify. Most people feel fine after any type of massage, even without a doctor’s prescription. A study found that scraping therapy can promote muscle recovery in those who lift weights regularly. Although not fully proven, some studies suggest that head massage helps with migraines, so the post-gua sha glow may come from deep relaxation of the facial muscles.

blood flow

Similar to other massage techniques, Gua Sha helps improve blood circulation and relieve muscle soreness.

relief the pain

One of the more intriguing studies found a correlation between gua sha back massage and pain relief—but why is unclear. According to the study, “there is an unknown biological mechanism of pain relief associated with scraping.”⁶

We look forward to future credible research. But until then, if you have back pain, feel free to book a Gua Sha massage – it won’t hurt.

Blue aventurine gua sha stone
Blue aventurine gua sha stone
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