Wrap It Up: The Art of the Burrito

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Anything wrapped in a burrito, from breakfast to shrimp, has my undivided attention. But for a long time, it drove me crazy trying to figure out how to fold a burrito so that it didn't fall apart when I took my first bite.

Empty tortillas and plates of food everywhere

One alternative is to bite into the burrito and slowly force the contents out the back. The same issue

A stack of folded burritos, ready to eat

Yes, it's still delicious, but you'll need a fork to eat it. To the detriment of the burrito experience as a whole. You should use your hands to eat a burrito because they're more fun that way.

Perhaps you're a seasoned burrito wrapper who can't fathom the challenge. True, but it was for me

Since then, I've dedicated myself to learning the proper technique for making a burrito. Properly Read on and start rolling if you've ever struggled to wrap your own burritos. Burritos, wraps, and chimichangas can all benefit from this method.

How to Fold a Burrito Like a Pro

Before we get started, let's go over some basic pointers for achieving our goals.

  • Tortillas, especially those on the larger size, are more convenient to work with when preparing rolled foods. Smaller ones won't have nearly as much room for filling and might not fold as neatly.
  • Soften tortillas by warming them briefly on the stovetop or in a tortilla warmer in the microwave before filling and folding. If you're going to heat it up on the stove, watch it closely so it doesn't burn and get too crispy. In that case, rolling it will cause it to crack.
  • Do not overfill This has been the single most difficult aspect of mastering the art of burrito folding for me. I'd like to have some more of that delicious filling, please. However, it becomes difficult (if not impossible) to wrap the burrito if it is too full. To some extent, please refrain from being so forthright. But it's okay if you overfill it.
  • Heat the seam - If you want to make absolutely certain that the burrito's end won't just unfold, place the burrito seam-side down on a frying pan and let it heat for a few minutes. The tortilla will be held in place more securely. This is optional, but if you want it to stay closed, it might help.

Now that you know the basics, I'll show you the correct way to fold a burrito in a series of simple steps.

Instructions for Making a Burrito.

Put the tortilla on a large, flat surface, and step 2.

A large tortilla set out ready to fill and fold a burrito

We begin with a plain tortilla that has been laid out and is waiting to be filled.

It's important to give yourself some breathing room while you work. I recommend a wide, flat surface, with lots of clearance on all sides, for making burritos. Since plate edges are trickier to maneuver, you should use another surface.

Step 2: Distribute the filling just to the outside of the tortilla's center.

Burrito filling added on top of the tortilla

Sprinkle the filling just below the tortilla's center.

Put in there whatever condiments and garnishes you like. Though reserving some of the sauce for drizzling on top is a nice touch. When I make a burrito, one of my favorite things to do is to drizzle chipotle crema all over the inside and outside of it.

You shouldn't stuff the tortilla too much. Do your best to take in the big picture A good rule of thumb is to not use up more than a third of the tortilla's surface area, leaving the rest for folding.

First fold of a burrito, folding in each side to start covering the filling

Conceal the filling inside a folded tortilla. Find the edge of your fillings and fold there. To maximize its effectiveness, make sure the top and bottom arcs are the same length and are as parallel as possible. Please take into account that the example in my photo is not perfect; in reality, they are slightly off.

You can make it more permanent by creasing the spot where you folded it. Making a crease along the sides is optional if time is of the essence.

Fold the bottom of the burrito up to start rolling it up

Once the tortilla's sides are tucked in, lift the bottom and fold it up to cover some of the filling.

It needs to be long enough to hide roughly half of your filling

Method 5: Roll the Filling

Fold the burrito by rolling it up from the bottom

Once the bottom and sides are folded in, you can begin rolling.

Take the folded-up portion of the tortilla and roll it up from the bottom towards the top. All of the remaining filling will be hidden under this.

Make an effort to roll it as tightly as possible. There should not be any empty space between the filling and the crust. No one wants to chew on a tortilla that tastes like nothing. In addition, if you roll your burrito tightly, it will stay together better.

Here's the Sixth Step: Keep Going

After all of the rolling, it is ready to eat

Finish rolling the burrito up tightly by wrapping the tortilla all the way

Check the seal again to ensure that no air is leaking in with your filling. Those bites would be very dissapointing.

In addition, once you've rolled it up completely, you're finished. You've learned how to make a burrito and have one in your hand. You may now fold burritos to your heart's content without fear of spilling the contents.

Learn how to properly fold burritos by practicing with my most requested fillings:

How to Fold a Burrito

Learn the proper way to fold a burrito and you'll never have to worry about the filling escaping again.

  • Place the tortilla on a large, flat surface.
  • Spread the filling just below the tortilla's center.
  • Pinch the tortilla's edges together, filling side up.
  • Wrap the filling by bringing the bottom of the tortilla up and over it.
  • Tightly enclose the filling between the bottom fold and the top fold.
  • Just keep rolling 'em 'til the tortilla is completely encased in the filling!
  • Tortillas should be large and pliable, so use them.
  • If you overfill your burrito, it will be harder to roll up.

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