The Quickest, Safest Way to Consistently Roll a Quality Joint

Some of the most original thinkers in the world are regular cannabis users. While there is no shortage of high-quality smoking implements, it may seem that anything, from an apple to a soda can to a gallon jug, can be converted into a makeshift cigarette lighter in a pinch.

However, a well-rolled joint is the best way to smoke. Learning to roll a joint is a simple and time-saving method for consuming cannabis.

Here are the two most basic approaches to rolling a joint, along with all the necessary equipment.

How Much Marijuana Is in a Joint?

When purchasing pre-rolls from a dispensary, you can easily tell how much flower is contained in each joint (typically measured in grams) thanks to the packaging. How much weed you pack into a joint when you roll it yourself depends on two factors: the size of the paper you use and how much weed you like.

The 1 1/4 size joint paper is the most popular (and arguably the easiest to use) rolling paper size, regardless of whether you prefer Raw or Orange Zig-Zags or some other brand. The width is what's being referred to here, and the length of the pores is a whopping three inches. One to three people can share one of these, as they typically contain between 0.5 and 0.3 grams of marijuana.

Single wide refers to cigarette papers that are only one inch in width. White Zig-Zags are one of the most readily available alternatives, but if you're looking for a joint with less paper, these are a good choice.

The king size is the largest standard size, but the exact dimensions will vary by manufacturer. You can pack about a gram to a gram and a half of tobacco into a king-sized rolling paper. Keep in mind that bigger sheets of paper are harder to roll.

Complete Marijuana Smoking Instructions

Select the right size of rolling papers for your skill level and the number of people who will be sharing the smoke.

Weed is essential for a good joint, but cannabis is the glue that holds everything together. The amount of marijuana you'll need to roll a joint ranges from half a gram to a gram and a half. Stems are sharp and can tear paper, so be sure to remove them.

A packer isn't required, but it will make your joint much tighter and cleaner. It doesn't need to be any wider than the joint you intend to roll. You could use a pencil, pen, chopstick, or a match.

Use a grinder to ensure a consistent burn when rolling a joint. Although grinders make quick and even work of breaking up cannabis, you can also use your fingers or a knife.

Some types of rolling paper come with a filter or crutch already attached to the package, but any sturdy piece of paper or card stock will do.

The Quickest and Most Effective Way to Roll Your Own Joint

First, Crush the Flower

Using finely ground flower is the best method for making cannabis joints. A grinder is the most reliable tool for producing uniform particles, and many models feature a storage area for kief that falls through. That said, you can use your fingers, scissors, a knife, a credit card, or anything else you can get your hands on to break up your flower into small, even pieces.

2. Construct Your Screen or Aid

A crutch, also known as a filter, is the piece of paper at the end of a joint that serves to prevent ash from falling into the smoker's mouth, to prevent the smoker from getting burned, and to define the shape of the joint. In a nutshell, it's incredibly practical for something so basic.

You'll need a thick sheet of paper or card stock, roughly the size of your thumb's last digit, to fashion a crutch or filter. You can use the cover of your rolling papers, a thin business card, or the stiff cover of a magazine. The paper "crutch" that some brands provide is a real one in some cases.

You can make one by folding the sizing strip accordion-style three to five times. After that, roll the leftover material around the creased section. Place it on the joint's holding side, glue side up, on the same side as your holding hand.

Three, load up the joint and roll

Put your ground-up weed in the crutch after you've gotten it. Initially, it should be centered and distributed uniformly. Less material should be added to the side opposite the crutch if a cone is the desired shape.

Then, to make the cannabis uniform and tightly packed, pinch both sides of the paper together and move each side of the paper up and down. You don't want it to be so snug that flames can't easily pass through it, but you also don't want there to be huge holes.

In the end, place the glue-free end of the paper into the fold made by the cannabis and the other side of the paper. Roll the glue side into contact with the rest of the joint while lightly licking it.

Fourth, Ensure a Tight Seal

At this point, the crutch will unfold to reveal an opening on the other side. Because it's looser, some of the cannabis may have fallen out during rolling. As a result, packing is a useful skill to have. To use, simply insert your pack of choice into the opening and tamp down the top (pen, chopstick, match, etc.).

Until then, you can keep it sealed by twisting the top of the leftover wrapping paper.

Alternative Cigarette Rolling Methods

Various methods exist for rolling a joint. One expert can make what looks like the perfect joint in a matter of seconds using one method, and another can use an entirely different approach and still come up with the same, perfect result.

Seth Rogen, cannabis expert, founder of Houseplant, and actor, has a different preferred method for rolling joints.

Substitute your desired amount of weed for the crutch, and add the mixture to your paper before rolling. Joints can be sealed by twisting the end together. Then, roll your crutch tightly and insert it into the other end of the joint, letting it expand to the width of the joint on its own (don't accordion fold it, as that won't work as well here).

By pushing in the crutch, the joint is tightened against the twisted end, rendering a packer unnecessary.

If you want to get good at something, practice makes perfect.

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