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The 2003 romantic comedy film How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days was directed by Donald Petrie and stars Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. A children's book by the same name by Michele Alexander and Jeannie Long served as inspiration for this. The book is merely a list of hilarious dating "don'ts"; the film's plot and characters were written from scratch to work with this format. In the film, Andie Anderson, a writer for a women's magazine, plans to publish an article about how she manipulated her boyfriend into breaking up with her, while advertising executive Benjamin Barry wagers that he can make any woman fall in love with him. throwing them in opposite directions after they've decided to spend their lives with one another Andie uses several of the picture book's dating "don'ts" in an effort to get Ben to end their relationship with her.

Plot [ edit ]

Expert on a variety of topics, Andie Anderson contributes to Composure, a magazine for women, as a writer. She's bored with writing about silly things and wishes she could write about more serious things. Andie's friend Michelle is devastated after yet another breakup and concludes that she is simply not attractive enough. Andie says the issue is that she is too emotionally invested in men and is too needy. to the point that she decides to date a man and then drive him away within 10 days by mimicking Michelle's behavior and writing an article titled "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" to prove her point.

Benjamin Barry, an advertising executive, wants to take on a more high-profile project than the typical beer and sports ads he's responsible for. Phillip, Ben's boss, challenges Ben's understanding of diamonds and love while they're out for a drink. Ben then makes a bet that he can get any girl to love him. Phillip has promised Ben the reins of the diamond campaign if he can get this done by the upcoming company ball in 10 days. Judy Spears and Judy Green, Ben's competitors, were at the Composure magazine offices earlier in the day and are aware of Andie's assignment. After spotting Andie at the bar, they decide she'll be Ben's bar sweetheart.

After meeting, Ben and Andie immediately begin their separate quests without telling the other their true goals. To finish her article, Andie desperately needs Ben to fall in love with her and then break up with her, but Ben persists in his pursuit of Andie's affections. Andie moves her belongings into Ben's apartment, knocks him out at the movies by talking loudly, and causes him to miss the winning shot in a Knicks game when he goes to get her a soda. buying him a fern as a symbol of their relationship, a Chinese Crested dog, and surprising him with a trip to a Celine Dion concert when he thought they were going to a New York Knicks game are all examples of this. Ben begins to develop feelings for her after she reveals her normal side on occasion.

Andie's tantrum at Ben's poker night with the guys convinced him to end their relationship; she was exhausted by the project. Ben considers leaving Andie, but his friends Tony and Thayer encourage him to stay the course by suggesting they go to couples counseling. Andie has Michelle pretend to be a therapist and tell Ben he should be embarrassed by Andie. Ben retorts that he would like to introduce her to his family that weekend in Staten Island. While on a trip to see Ben's family, Andie and he develop a genuine friendship.

While out at the company ball, Phillip has a conversation with Andie and later tells Ben, "met her, she loves you, you win." To throw off Ben's suspicions, Judy and Judy tell Tony and Thayer that Andie was in on the bet the whole time. Andie is made aware of the wager by Tony and Thayer's pleading silence, which she initially rejects. Andie's boss Lana, who doesn't know Ben's role, informs him of the "How To" article at the same time. Andie tries to embarrass Ben in front of the entire party when she finds out about the bet, leading to an argument and eventual breakup on stage.

Later, Tony shows Ben Andie's article in which she laments, "losing the only guy I've ever fallen for." Hearing that she has left her job at Composure (Lana again refused to let her write about serious topics) and is heading to Washington, D.C., he says, "When I hear she quit and is on her way there, I can't wait to see you. C , he chases after her taxi and pulls her over so he can interview her When he falsely accuses her of fleeing, she and he finally share their hearts with one another. Following their passionate embrace, Ben tells the cab driver to take Andie back to her house and pick up her belongings.

Cast [ edit ]

Production [ edit ]

After producer Lynda Obst failed to secure a shooting date from director Mike Newell, Gwyneth Paltrow moved on to work on the film View from the Top. [3]

Carolina Herrera collaborated with the film's costume designer to make the yellow gown worn by Kate Hudson. In honor of Isadora Duncan, the film refers to the diamond necklace she wears with her yellow dress as the "Isadora Diamond." The necklace's 80-carat yellow diamond, designed by Harry Winston, is worth million. [4]

Sculptor Zo Waterman, who was born in Yeadon, came up with the idea that her characters' apartments should be "spaces which I consider to be dream spaces." That is to say, I haven't seen anything on screen that comes close to matching my ideal home, but theirs comes the closest. Basically, I asked myself, "In a perfect world, where would I want to live?" The entire layout was completed in under fifteen minutes, and I was able to say, "

Release [ edit ]

Reaction Criticism [ edit ]

Critics were divided on How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. The film received "mixed or average reviews," according to Metacritic, which gave it a score of 45 out of 100 based on 31 critics. [5]Based on 150 reviews, the film received a 42% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average score of 5.0 out of 10. "Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson are charming together, but they can't overcome How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," says the site's critical consensus. ' concept and plot are both ridiculously simplistic. "[6]

Box office [ edit ]

The film opened to $23,774,850 its first weekend after it was released on February 7, 2003. A total of $105,813,373 was made in the US and ,558,068 was made abroad. [2]

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