Step-by-Step Guide on Drawing a Boy with Coloring Page Included

Discover a Simple Step-by-Step Tutorial for Creating a Boy and a Boy Coloring Page

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When budding artists learn the art of depicting a young boy, they gain crucial insights into the concept of proportion. A defining characteristic that distinguishes youthful individuals from adults is the relatively larger size of their heads in relation to their bodies. While there exist established guidelines governing this head-body relationship, aspiring artists can make things simpler by simply remembering to draw the head slightly larger than usual. This nifty approach guarantees desirable outcomes for young artists.

This guide will demonstrate the art of presenting a boy in a relaxed pose with his hands tucked into his pockets. It also conveniently eliminates the need to depict fingers, which can be challenging when attempting to capture the nuances of the arms and legs.

Exploring Drawing Techniques

A foolproof way to initiate students into the world of drawing is by acquainting them with the effective utilization of guides as a point of reference. If you have perused the various tutorials available on this site, you will have observed the presence of central guides depicted as vertical and horizontal lines. By reproducing these lines on their own paper prior to commencing their drawing, students will gain valuable assistance in identifying appropriate starting points for their artwork.

Mastering drawing skills revolves around accurately placing and sizing lines on paper. Therefore, having visual reference points to commence with will invariably aid individuals in achieving greater precision. Does this mean that students must utilize their pencil to create prominent lines running down the center of their paper before starting their drawing? No, it can be as simple as folding the paper in half both vertically and horizontally, creating a crease, and then unfolding it. Remarkably, by the time the drawing is completed and colored in, these creases will seamlessly disappear.

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Boy Coloring Page

Required Materials

  • Drawing Paper: This quality paper can be purchased in bulk at an affordable price.
  • Pencils: I recommend this brand for its ability to produce bold, dark lines.
  • Black Marker: Opt for a permanent marker to achieve a rich, dark black color.
  • Crayons. Larger packs offer a wider range of color choices.
  • Note: The above items are affiliated with Amazon.


Estimated Time: 25 minutes.

Instructions for Drawing a Boy:

Begin by sketching a large U shape.

Next, incorporate a hairdo on the top.

Proceed to depict the facial features and intricate hair details.

Continue by illustrating the neck area and the shirt.

Beneath that, include a pair of shorts.

Underneath the shorts, draw the legs and feet.

Add simple arms to the figure.

Create a horizon line to establish the background.

Afterwards, trace the drawing with a marker and apply colors.

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To view an image of the completed drawing, follow this link: [image link]

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