SnapChat Tutorial: Going Public (Android & iOS)

Follow these 4 simple steps to establish your online identity: Explore your Profile. Go to your profile's "Public Profile" section. Use the button labeled "Create Public Profile" To make your profile public, just follow the on-screen prompts. When using Snapchat, the vast

Follow these 4 simple steps to establish your online identity:

  1. Explore your Profile.
  2. Go to your profile's "Public Profile" section.
  3. Use the button labeled "Create Public Profile"
  4. To make your profile public, just follow the on-screen prompts.

When using Snapchat, the vast majority of your photos and videos are only visible to your friends.

But if you make your Snapchat profile public, anyone can find and view your snaps.

Learn the ins and outs of creating a public Snapchat profile and how it can help you build your personal brand in this helpful tutorial.

What are the Requirements for a Snapchat User to Have a Public Profile?

  • The minimum age to use this site is 18.
  • A minimum of 24 hours has elapsed since the account was created.
  • A minimum of 1 reciprocal friend is required. (They also need to add you as a friend.)
  • In accordance with Snapchat's rules.

For What Reason Should You Make Use of Snapchat's Public Profiles?

How to Make a Public Profile on Snapchat

Making your profile viewable by others is a major perk.

If your Snapchat profile is set to public, anyone who uses the app, whether they are your friends or not, will be able to view your stories and other content.

If you want more people to follow you or see what you've posted, going public is a great choice.

Access to additional Snapchat functions is another perk of having a public account.

As an alternative to adding you as a friend, other users can now opt to subscribe to your profile.

You can also flaunt your devoted fanbase by including their total number of subscriptions in your profile.

Your subscribers will see your stories, but you can also choose to publish them to a select group of friends if you prefer.

Then, if you so choose, you can still restrict access to more sensitive information for some users.

Your profile is public and can be viewed by users.

You can customize your profile with a photo, bio, location, bio, lenses, and saved stories.

As a result, your subscribers can engage with your content regardless of whether or not you are publishing it publicly.

Making Your Snapchat Account Public (On Both iOS and Android)

Snapchat's public profile creation process is identical on iOS and Android.

Your profile can become more discoverable by others with just a few clicks.

First, navigate to your Snapchat profile's settings.

To access your Snapchat profile settings, launch the app and click on your profile picture or Bitmoji in the top left corner.

2. Pick a Communal Profile to Display

Once you've entered your profile settings, look for "Add to Spotlight" toward the bottom of the page. ”

To make your profile public, click the ellipsis (...) and pick "Create Public Profile" from the drop-down menu that appears.

Third, make a website where people can find you.

The Snapchat app will now guide you through the profile-making process.

When you're ready, select the "Create" button.

The discussion is over.

Users can now subscribe to your profile and access your public stories if your profile is set to public.

Businesses' Guide to Snapchat Profile Creation and Management

How to Create and Manage Public Profiles on Snapchat for Businesses

Organizations and corporations can also establish a presence in the public eye.

In this way, they can easily engage with their target audience and spread the word about their brand through the dissemination of informative content.

Profiles of public figures and businesses share many characteristics.

For instance, users can still access a landing page on a company's public profile to view previously recorded Snaps and shared Lenses.

On the other hand, retailers can connect their Spotify stores to their posts as well.

Subscribers will then be able to shop for and buy items without ever leaving the app.

Here, we will instruct you on how to establish a company profile that is accessible to the general public.

To create a public business profile, you will need a business account that was made through Snapchat Ads.

1. Enter the Ads Manager.

In order to access the Snapchat Ads Manager website, you will need to enter your username and password.

Second, go to "Public Profiles."

To view public profiles, open the drop-down menu in the top right and choose the option labeled "Public Profiles."

Remember that only Organization Admins have the ability to make profiles visible to the public.

Third, sign into your company's account.

If you already have a business account, Snapchat will ask you to link it.

Click "Connect to Business" if you have an existing business account. ”

Create a user name and fill out your profile in Step 4.

Snapchat lets you personalize your public profile by letting you pick a name for it.

Under "Profile Details," you can also upload a profile picture, write a short bio, list your company's address, and provide your email address.

Method 5: Make a Reputable Online Presence

Just fill out the form and then select "Create Public Profile." ”

Your Snapchat is now open to the general public.

6. Insert a previously-saved story

Customers can view your content as soon as your profile is made public, so be sure to add saved stories or augmented reality lenses.

This is an option within the Snapchat app itself.

Snapchat: Changing Your Public Profile (Android & iOS)

The process of making a Snapchat account public is just the beginning.

You should add information and content to your public profile to make the most of it.

It makes it convenient for your subscribers to access your content whenever they like.

First, select the "My Public Profile" option.

After you've made your Snapchat profile public, you'll be able to make changes and add details.

In the menu that appears, select "My Public Profile."

Two, Modify Your Account Details

Simply select the "Profile Edit" tab and proceed. ”

Include a photo, brief bio, and other details you'd like the public to know about, here.

As a Third-Step, Include Tales

Go to the "Stories" section of your profile edit page if you'd like to import your previously written tales.

Your profile will always contain the stories you've saved.

You can also import images and videos from your device's gallery.


Making your Snapchat visible to the public is a great way to get your messages out there.

You'll be able to reach more people and show off your skills thanks to this platform's one-of-a-kind set of tools.

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