Methods for allowing others access to your Google Calendar

The Gmail is the position of second most frequent Google Workplace has more features than just an email client. Users: [[2]]6 Billion Active Monthly This indicates that there is widespread adoption of Google Calendar. Gmail's calendar feature is versatile and can be used for many purposes.

  • Making schedules for various time periods

  • Applying filters to various schedules

  • Labeling, tagging, and categorizing with colors

  • Support for multiple calendars in one location

  • Getting your hands on community-maintained calendars that detail things like holidays, work closures, game times, and more

  • Spreading the word about upcoming gatherings and inviting people you know, like, and work with

Gmail and the rest of Google's services, including Calendar, are seamlessly integrated. Google's suite of web-based applications

  • Gmail users have calendars built right in.

  • All you need is an internet connection to access your calendars online.

  • If you have a Gmail account, you can use Google Calendar to sync your schedule with other calendar programs.

We have a very comprehensive how-to on accessing the Google Calendar This article, however, will explain how to make a Google Calendar and share it with another person.  

Google Calendar: How to Make an Appointment

The ability to create multiple calendars within Google Calendar is a useful feature. You could, for instance, separate your personal and professional calendars. Schedules, whether individual or project-based Make sure to add events to the appropriate calendars when creating them.

To make an appointment in Google Calendar:

  1. Google Calendar: click here

  2. To set up a meeting at a specific time and date, just click on those options. Select Create in the top left if you prefer.

  3. Fill in the event's specifics, such as its name, location, date, and time, and the calendar in which it will appear.

  4. Guests can be added or invited as needed.

  5. To save your changes, select the Save button.

After setting up a meeting, you might need to invite someone else or publish it to the public. You can easily invite others to your Google Calendar event in a few different ways.  

Participant addition to a Google Calendar event

By adding a new invitee, you can keep tabs on who has been invited and whether or not they plan to show up. When you add a participant to a Google Hangout, an invitation email is automatically sent to them. While the look and feel of Google Calendar may change from device to device and platform to platform, the process for sharing a Google Calendar is the same whether you're using Android or iOS.

Follow these steps to broadcast an event from your Google Calendar:

  1. Go ahead and mark your calendars!

  2. Click the pencil icon to edit the event.

  3. To invite someone, click the Add guests button on the right side of the event details.

  4. Select the permissions you'd like to grant your guests.

    • Change the date, time, and place of the event.

    • Get the word out

    • Check the list of invitees.

  5. Once the invitee is added to the guest list, you can designate them as a "possible attendee" by clicking the person icon to the right of their name. If you no longer want them to attend, just click the X.

Send an invitation to a Google Calendar event via Gmail

Sharing a Google Calendar event via Gmail is another option if you'd rather not add attendees manually.

  1. Select the date and time on your calendar.

  2. Select the button labeled "Email event details letter"

  3. Fill out the recipient's email address, subject line, and body, and click "Send."

  4. Click send

To get the most out of working with other people using Google Calendar, you can Publish Your Entire Schedule rather than isolated occurrences  

Connect your Google Calendar with another user's

What if you want to share your entire schedule with your assistant or work together on a project timeline with another person? While the Google Calendar mobile app does allow for general calendar sharing, sharing with a specific person is currently unavailable.  

Give someone else access to your schedule by sharing it with them:

  1. Move the mouse pointer over the desired calendar in the "My calendars" section and click "Share."

  2. To access additional calendar options, tap the three vertical dots to the right of the calendar's name.

  3. Simply select "Settings and Sharing"

  4. You can decide how the calendar will be shared:

    1. To share your calendar with a specific person and decide what kind of access they have, click Add people and enter that person's email address. You can select from four different levels of access:

      • Users will only be able to see when you are free or busy on your calendar, and not what events you have scheduled or how to modify them.

      • Users can view all event information and times but cannot make any changes.

      • Calendar events can be viewed and edited, but not shared, with this level of access.

      • Give Edit and Sharing permission only to those you trust to make changes to your calendar and share events with others. Having this much control over your schedule is akin to having it in your own hands. A user with this level of access can modify your schedule and events, as well as send out additional invitations.

    2. To allow others to subscribe to your calendar feed on Google Calendar, click Get shareable link.

    3. If you want it to be accessible by the general public, select the Make available to public checkbox.

There are two ways to incorporate another person's schedule into your own:

  1. Select the plus sign to the right of Other calendars on your calendar's left side. To begin following someone's public calendars, select Subscribe to calendar and enter their email address.

  2. You can also enter the calendar URL the other person gave you by clicking From URL.

How to subscribe to a Google calendar

Change your Google Calendar's visibility settings to make it public or private.

To participate in a shared calendar's activities as a non-owner, you must first obtain the "Make changes and manage sharing" permission level from the calendar's owner. If you don't have that, then you won't be able to follow these instructions to share a calendar.

When inviting others to view your Google calendar, be sure to implement all necessary security measures. Your events will appear as "busy" on your calendar if the Privacy setting is used. When you make an event public, anyone can view the information about it. Here's how to change your calendar's settings so that everyone can view your events:

  1. Launch your Google Calendar.

  2. Select the calendar you want to modify by moving the cursor over it on the left side of the screen.

  3. To expand that calendar, tap the ellipses that appear next to it.

  4. Go to Share > Settings & Sharing.

  5. Select Publicly available from the Access permissions menu. If you don't share your schedule publicly, deselect this box.

Calendly simplifies calendar sharing and teamwork.

It's one thing to keep track of your own time and tasks, but it's another thing entirely to coordinate your time with your friends, family, and coworkers. If you and your staff are constantly switching focus between calendars and events, A tool like Calendly can be very useful  

With Calendly, everyone can see your availability and pick a time for a meeting that doesn't conflict with your other commitments. Timely has capabilities designed for groups features like scheduling meetings automatically, workflows, and app integrations  

Calendly is the best online calendar for teams and businesses of any size because it is easy to use, collaborative, and powerful. Join the Calendly community. , try it risk-free for 14 days (no payment info needed), and start improving your productivity right away

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