Methods for a Non-Toxic and Permanent Solution to the Housefly Problem

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Follow these steps to get rid of houseflies and keep them from returning.

As a member of the order Diptera, which includes all true flies, houseflies only have one pair of wings. These insects are often referred to as "nuisance flies." The average house fly is only 1/4 inch long and gray.

Flies commonly known as houseflies are ubiquitous. Animal feces, garbage, and decaying organic matter are all acceptable places for them to lay their eggs.

While a housefly infestation might not seem like a big deal, it can actually be quite dangerous because of the diseases it can spread. Infestations can be avoided or eliminated in a plethora of risk-free and straightforward ways.

Getting rid of houseflies without using pesticides is not only doable, but often preferred. Strategies that could be used include:

Flowers and herbs

Gardens and flower beds planted with insect-repelling herbs and flowers can help to reduce the number of unwanted visitors inside the home. Some plants that are effective at keeping the flies away include:

  • basil
  • marigold
  • lavender
  • bay leaves
  • catnip

Some of these are also edible, which is a nice bonus.

Dish detergent and vinegar

Flies can be captured using a mixture of vinegar and dish soap. Use a tall glass and combine about an inch of apple cider vinegar with a few drops of dish soap. Put a plastic bag over the glass. Insert small holes near the top of the plastic wrap and secure it with a rubber band.

There will be a lot of flies because of the vinegar in the glass; they'll come in through the holes. However, the dish soap prevents the flies from landing on the vinegar because they sink.

Capsaicin and H2O

Houseflies can be repelled by using cayenne pepper. Use it as a fly spray by combining it with water and spraying it around the house.

An example of a Venus's flytrap

Insects are the primary food source for Venus flytraps, which are carnivorous plants. They will naturally consume flies if planted outside. The plant flies inside might need some food.

Plant's trap closes around intruding fly. The insect's soft insides are dissolved by the digestive fluid it then secretes. After digesting the insect for 5-12 days, it spits out the exoskeleton.

The use of organic materials as trap bait

You can also use fly-attracting foods and drinks to lure flies into traps. Among these are:

  • Sweetener (sugar, honey, molasses).
  • wine
  • fruit
  • meat

Houseflies can be eliminated in a number of ways, including through the use of insecticides and traps.

Look at these available flytraps. online

Insect repellent containing pyrethrin

Insecticides can be useful in cases of severe housefly infestation because of how fast they exert their effects. However, they are short-lived and ineffective because fly populations quickly adapt to them. The effectiveness of the insecticide also wears off rather rapidly.

Insecticides containing pyrethrin are widely available and are the first line of defense against house flies. Indoor-use only insecticides should be purchased, proper ventilation should be provided, and all instructions should be carefully followed.

Light trap

Flies can be caught using light traps, which are boxes illuminated from behind. Depending on the type of light trap you use, the flies will either be killed with an electric zap or trapped when they attempt to approach the light.

Light traps should be mounted out of sight from the outside, so avoid placing them near windows and doors. Furthermore, they need to be installed no more than 5 feet off the ground.

Gluey snares

Throughout your home, you can set up sticky traps by hanging or laying out strips of sticky paper. Although they are not as effective as other traps, they can be used in conjunction with those that are to rid the area of infestations.

In order to keep flies away from your home, you can use a variety of natural and synthetic fly repellents in your yard. Plant some basil, some marigolds, maybe even a couple Venus flytraps, and see what happens! Outside, sticky traps can be just as effective.

Insecticides can also be used outside, though resistant strains of flies are likely to emerge. Outside your home, you can spray a residual pesticide that will continue to work for much longer than the pesticides you use inside.

Materials suitable for housefly egg laying are the primary attractants for these pests. Some examples are:

  • filth, including discarded food and other items that have gone bad
  • animal waste
  • manure

Likewise, flies may be drawn to the glow of nighttime lights.

Preventing a housefly infestation is preferable to treating an existing one. Get rid of potential breeding grounds and food sources to prevent fly infestation.

  • Check for any cracks or other damage in the caulking around your home's windows, doors, and vents.
  • Make sure to use a can with a secure lid, and empty the bag as soon as it becomes too full.
  • Put perishables away in containers that seal well.
  • Don't go around leaving glasses and plates out for people to use while they're dirty.
  • Don't scatter yard waste or dead leaves around your property.
  • When it's dark out, please don't leave outdoor lights on. Light is a strong attractant for flies.
  • Never use rat poison, as the dead rodents will attract flies.
  • Remove cat poop from the litter box as soon as possible.

Problematic housefly populations are more than an annoyance. In addition, they may pose health risks. A housefly infestation can be avoided by maintaining a clean home, especially one that is free of food scraps.

There are a variety of natural and trapping methods to try if an infestation does occur.

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