Methods for Unlocking a Locker

So many of us can relate to this. On the first day of school, the thought of "how do I open my locker lock?" may cross your mind for the first time. ” This short and sweet guide will show you, step by step, how to unlock your locker with a combination lock, whether you have never done so before

So many of us can relate to this. On the first day of school, the thought of "how do I open my locker lock?" may cross your mind for the first time. ”

This short and sweet guide will show you, step by step, how to unlock your locker with a combination lock, whether you have never done so before or simply need a refresher.

In case you ever lose your locker combination, we'll go over how to use a locker lock (padlocks and built-in locker locks) and then look at some ways to get around the lock.

All right, let's get down to business

Methods for Deciphering Locker Combination Locks

Make sure you have the right combination for a locker before trying to figure out how to open it.

Combinations for most padlocks will have three digits between zero and 39. These figures, however, can rise to as high as 99 if your locker's lock is integral to the locker itself. Your locker combination is always going to be a set of three numbers.

Please use the numbers 35-9-17 as I describe the steps below.

Each digit must be turned until it lines up with the arrow on top of the lock.

First, Disable the Lock.

rotate the locker lock dial three complete turns to the right

In order to gain access to a locker, the first step is to unlock the gates within the locker. To do this, turn the dial three complete clockwise (to the right) revolutions.

After the lock has been cleared, you can try to enter the combination. If you enter your combination incorrectly and want to try again, you must clear the lock.

Pick a random number and turn the dial until you pass it three times to make sure you've cleared the lock correctly. As a precaution, you can give it an extra turn or two of rotation.

If you're curious about the inner workings of a combination lock and why clearing the lock is necessary, you can watch this fantastic video.

Follow Step 2 and Key in Your Code

Enter your locker combination - right, left, right

Now that the lock is free, you can enter your combination.

Keep in mind that you must go in a "right-left-right" direction. "

  1. After the lock is unlocked, continue turning the dial to the right (clockwise), stopping on the first number. For me, that number is 35
  2. Turn the dial to the left, counterclockwise, until you reach the second number. My personal number is 9.
  3. Number Three: Turn the dial to the right (clockwise) until you reach your desired combination. My age is 17

Here's Step 3: Unlock the Door

To open locker lock, pull down on the body to release

Pull down on the lock body after entering your last digit to unlock it.

You can now access the locker if its lock is integral.

If you're still having trouble getting in, try these steps:

  • Continue turning the knob to the right (clockwise) until the desired effect is achieved. These inexpensive locks have faulty alignment of the gates.
  • Try entering the code again after clearing the lock.
  • Make sure you're entering the right code by trying again.
  • The internal latch can get jammed if books, bags, or clothes are jammed against it. You need to push up and in on the door, and then yank it open quickly.
  • It's okay to need assistance. If none of these options are successful, it's possible that you were given an incorrect combination or that a component is malfunctioning. Rest assured that you are not alone in experiencing this.

Phase 4: Secure the Locker

open a locker lock step 4

Locking your locker properly is more than just closing the lock when you're done using it.

After locking the door, turn the dial clockwise to release the gates and reactivate the lock.

If you skip this step, anyone can walk up and easily open the lock using the combination you just entered because the internal gates are still in the correct position.

Advice, Techniques, and Other Nuggets Relevant to Safeguarding Your Information

  • Memorizing your combination and guarding those three digits with your life is the safest way to keep it secure. Although there are ways to get around combination locks, having the code to your locker is the most secure and covert.
  • The majority of lockers can be opened without hitting the correct number. You don't have to hit the actual number on the dial of these inexpensive locks because the internal gates are so large. If your first number is 5, you might get away with picking any number between 3 and 7 for your second try. Learning this will allow you to quickly unlock your locker.
  • Practice You should practice your combination entry for a while. This will help you not only quickly open your locker, but also remember the combination.

Fixing a Locker Door That You Forgot Your Combination For

It is possible to open a lock without the combination if you lose or forget the combination and have no other way of obtaining it.

You should only try these techniques if you actually have the lock, meaning you paid for it yourself.

If the lock on your locker was provided by the school, then the school owns the lock, and you could get in serious trouble for tampering with school property. When in doubt, simply ask your school for the combination.

Find the Secret Code

Finding our last number to our combination!

You've probably seen a movie where the protagonist uses a locker to take out the school bully. Turning the lock's dial takes him only a few minutes, and then click! His current location is:

Is this just a Hollywood trick, or is it possible?

Although it takes longer than two or three minutes, most locker combinations can be broken with relative ease.

I've already written a comprehensive guide to breaking locker lock combinations if you're interested in giving this cool method a try.

Method: Trying Things Out and Seeing What Works

When trying to remember your locker combination, have you ever considered how long it would take to try every possible combination?

There are 64,000 possible combinations for a standard 40-digit Master Lock. For all possible permutations, that would take nearly 200 hours to test.

If you remember part of your combination or have only forgotten one of the digits, trial and error is a great option. If you want to get to work on this, you should first sit down with a pen and paper and jot down all the possible combinations you can think of. Furthermore, if you have a rough idea of the combination, the cracking method described above could greatly accelerate the process.

Lock Shiming

By using a thin piece of metal, like a piece of a soda can, shimming is a great way to get around a lock.

The locking mechanism of the Shackle is compressed by inserting the metal shim into the shackle hole.

Soda cans can be used to easily shim the vast majority of low-quality padlocks. A helpful video tutorial is provided below.

Don't Be a Slave to the Past and Free Yourself

The last resort is to resort to destruction and break your padlock's Shackle.

A new lock will cost money up front, but it beats losing your locker key forever. However, if you can't get to your homework, you won't be able to complete it. This is a much more acceptable justification than the goldfish eating your homework.

In Conclusion

Constantly repeat to yourself, "right, left, right" ”

If you can just remember those three words, you'll never again have to stare at your locker in mortification because you have no idea how to open it.

If you have any questions or comments about this guide, feel free to send me an email. Any feedback from readers is greatly appreciated.

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