Method EASILY for Tying a Spectacular Bow

Give this a shot if you've ever struggled to create a beautiful bow for a gift, wreath, or other holiday decoration. Master the art of bow-tying in no time

A cute bow can sometimes be just the thing to make something truly exceptional. My fascination with elaborate bows has existed for as long as I can remember, but unfortunately, my skill with loops and floral wire has remained undeveloped. I simply had to think of a different approach. One holiday season I decided to sit down and figure it out, and I came up with a foolproof method for creating beautiful bows. I couldn't wait to use them as ornaments on holiday wreaths and garlands, as gift toppers, and to decorate my staircase and banister. You only need two things, and doing it couldn't be easier.

In this article, I will demonstrate the easiest way to tie a beautiful bow. It's a breeze There is no need for floral wire; all you need is ribbon and scissors. It only takes a few minutes to make one, and you can tailor its size to your needs. With some practice, you'll be able to tie bows in no time and wow your friends and family with your impressive new hobby. You'll be putting your current set of skills to good use. There are many things besides shoes that can benefit from a pretty bow if you know how to tie your shoes. There's no need to stress over a perfect ribbon fold or follow a complicated set of instructions. This is a very easy do-it-yourself ribbon bow that you can use for any special event, holiday, gift, or decoration.

How to Tie a Fancy Bow the EASY way!

You can make a stunning bow in no time, ideal for embellishing wreaths or gift packages. You can also use them for other special occasions like weddings and showers.

This is the simple method for tying a beautiful bow.

I attempted to document the procedure through photographs, but it proved challenging to tie a bow while doing so. Instead, I filmed a movie, which you can watch below. As an aside, I originally uploaded this video back in 2011—almost a decade ago. So, naturally, there were lots of kids running around in their jammies and there was no real plan involved. But hopefully the picture will be easier to follow than the words, and you'll have a super cute "fancy bow" in no time.

How to Tie a Fancy Bow the EASY way!


FIRST, amass the necessary equipment.

The only tools you'll need are some scissors and some ribbon, either wired or plain.

Simply put, it's the truth. What size bow you make will depend, in part, on the width of the ribbon. A wider ribbon should be used for a bigger bow. Bows can be made smaller if the ribbon is thinner. Bows are simpler to make when using wired ribbon because it helps maintain the bow's shape. Alternatively, you can use unwired ribbon, though the final product will have a different appearance. There is no universally correct answer; it's all a matter of taste. In addition to those stores, I also shop at JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, and for ribbon. Floral ribbon is not required, but wired ribbon is recommended.  

In reality, I switch back and forth. A looser bow can sometimes better achieve the look I'm going for, which is a more rustic, farmhouse style, since I love those types of looks as well. When wrapping presents, I prefer the looser bows as well. I'll use the wired variety if I also want to convey an air of formality and "fancy."

As a decorator and gift-giver, my go-to patterns are grosgrain, gingham, and farmhouse stripes. The luxurious appearance of silk or velvet

The recommended length of ribbon for a medium-sized bow is 4 feet, but this can be adjusted upwards. I find it easier to keep the ribbon on the spool as I tie the bow, rather than cutting a long piece and running the risk of having too much or too little ribbon. If you're working with spare ribbon to make these, it's smart to estimate how much you have and how big of a bow you can make.

TWO: Make a "regular" bow to begin with

In the video, I call this initial action a "regular bow." There have been some inquiries into this, so I thought I'd provide some background. When I say "bow," I'm referring to the simple knot used to fasten shoes. Ask away, I'm here to help

When finished tying the bow, fluff the ribbon loops to their fullest (if using wired) for the best effect.

ThIRD STEP: Re-bow

You should watch the video to get a better visual, but basically you're just making that regular bow over and over again and stacking them on top of each other, which results in all the different loops. The first bow serves as the source for the second loop, which travels in the opposite direction. The rest of the bow is made following the same pattern, with the same procedure repeated until the bow is finished.

The holiday season is my favorite time to hang wreaths made from real, live greenery from my front door and decorate my home's other prominent surfaces, such as the banister, mantel, and stairs. You can't get the right finishing touch without these bows.

PHASE FOUR: Fix your bow

I position the bow where I want it to be using floral wire. In order to ensure the wire stays in place, simply twist the ends. When I want to embellish a present by using more ribbon, I do this: The ribbon is used to tie the present, and the bow sits atop the package.

You'll need some time to get the hang of it, but after much trial and error, this method proved to be the quickest and most straightforward for creating beautiful bows. Due to the lack of floral wire or glue, it can be undone and redone with ease if necessary for a do-over or for the sake of practice.

Enjoy Congratulations on your knots!

Released for the first time in December of 2011

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