Learn to Draw an Adorable Bee

Today, we're delving into the art of bee drawing! Follow our step-by-step tutorial for easy bee illustration and soon enough, you'll be sketching these buzzing beauties with ease.

This tutorial employs simple shapes and lines, making it perfect for young children or anyone looking to draw a cute and cartoon-like bee.

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Bee Directed Drawing TutorialBee Directed Drawing Tutorial

Spring is the ideal season for practicing bug drawing. We've already shown you how to sketch a ladybug and butterfly, and now, it's time to learn how to draw one of the hardest working bugs on earth – the bee.

Our tutorial covers all the essential steps needed for drawing an adorable little buzzing bee.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Draw a Bee

What You Need:

  • Our printable drawing guide (optional but handy – available at the end of the tutorial)
  • Paper
  • Your favorite marker
  • Optional: Coloring supplies
  • Step 1

  • Begin by drawing a circular shape, which will serve as the bee's head.
  • Step 2

  • Next up, draw an oval shape for the bee's body.
  • The Third Step

Draw an ovalDraw an ovalDraw a CircleDraw a Circle

Create vertical stripes inside the oval shape, arching them upwards or downwards. The exact count of stripes is insignificant. Additionally, draw two circular shapes within the oval, one for each eye, and a third one for the mouth.

Draw stripes and faceDraw stripes and face

The Fourth Step

Begin by drawing the primary set of wings.

The Fifth Step

Sketched the secondary set of wings below the initial pair.

The Sixth Step

Draw the first pair of wingsDraw the first pair of wings

Complete the drawing by adding the bee's stinger and antennae. Congratulations! You have successfully drawn an adorable bee.

As an enhancement, you may also include a broken line extending from the bee's stinger, creating the impression of it mid-flight. This is a simple yet excellent technique to enhance your illustration.

Draw the second pair of wingsDraw the second pair of wings

The Seventh Step

Now that you have completed your drawing, it's time to add some color. To create a 3D effect, color around the edges of the bee with a darker hue while leaving the middle light.

Download the How to Draw a Bee Printable Now

Color the drawingColor the drawing

Enjoy and happy drawing!

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