Indulge in the coziness of the Andy Crochet Throw Blanket.

You've found it if you're looking for the best crochet blanket for couch. Maybe you want to learn how to crochet a blanket for the first time.

If so, you can stop looking right now because the Andy blanket is the only crocheted blanket you'll ever want to make.

Learn how to crochet a throw blanket with our clear instructions and explanation of the basic stitches required.

crochet throw blanket pattern In this space, you'll find a link to a free crochet blanket.

Crochet Instructions for an Andy Blanket Throw

The simple crochet stitches used to create this trendy blanket have a knitted appearance but are much simpler to work than they appear at first glance. Because of these basic stitches, it comes together in no time at all.

This crochet blanket pattern is great for those just starting out in the craft. I promise

In this blog post, you can find a free afghan pattern, details about the yarn you'll need, and a discussion of the crochet stitches you'll need to get started.

If you've read through the preceding, you should be well-versed in the art of crocheting a throw blanket using this pattern.

Good Luck Knitting a Blanket

Detailed look at some basic crochet stitches

How to Crochet a Baby Blanket

To make this blanket, you need only know how to crochet a few simple stitches. Here is a rundown of the stitches I used, with links to tutorials for most of them.

Intricate Throw Blanket Stitches:

  • The single crochet (sc) is a foundational crochet stitch and typically the first stitch taught to beginning crocheters.
  • This slip stitch back loop (sl st bl) is completed in the V's rearmost point.
  • Half Double Crochet (hdc): This is another simple stitch that produces a lovely finished product.
  • The hdc bl, or back loop half double crochet, is a half double crochet that is worked into the back loop (or the back V) of the previous stitch.
  • The chain stitch (ch) is the foundation of most crochet projects and can be learned quickly.

The knit-like appearance of this blanket is achieved by combining single crochet back loops and half double crochet back loops. Such stitches also produce a warm, hole-free blanket, making them ideal for snuggling up in during the colder months.

Due to the size of the blanket, this is a quick weekend or weeklong project. The chain stitch is the building block of nearly every crochet pattern and project you'll undertake.

For a Throw Blanket, How Many Chains Do I Need to Crochet?

To make a blanket that measures 52 inches by 60 inches (132 centimeters by 152 centimeters), you will need to chain 105 stitches. Please see the notes section below for details on adjusting the blanket size to your specifications.

Next, we'll talk about the yarn you should use.

The Warm Thread

What I Used To Make This Crochet Throw

If you want to crochet a blanket like mine, you'll need some Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. It's an extremely thick 6 weight yarn, and it's made of 20% wool and 80% acrylic.

The bulkiness of this yarn makes it ideal for quick-to-complete projects. This throw pattern could be the one you've been looking for if you're in a hurry to finish a blanket.

I chose the color "Fisherman" for this throw because I wanted a simple, versatile blanket that would complement any decor.

There are more than 40 different yarn colors available if you'd like to make this blanket in a different color scheme. In other words, you can make a blanket that is completely personalized for you.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions About Blanket Yarn

When making a throw blanket, how much yarn should I use?

You'll need about 14 skeins of WET&Q, or about 1,380 yards (1,262 meters) of super bulky #6 weight yarn, to complete the blanket as written. Because different brands of yarn contain different amounts of yarn per skein, the total number of skeins needed will change. For more information, consult the pattern's yardage chart.

To Change the Yarn in

Hometown Yarn, also made by Lion Brand, is a great option if you're looking for a wool-free yarn. It's a super bulky #6 weight and made entirely of acrylic. Essentially, it operates the same as WET&Q.

Is there a different yarn weight I could use to make this blanket?

In a word, yes. Use a yarn of any weight you like, from medium to five weight and beyond. To figure out how many stitches and rows you'll need for the blanket, make a 4x4 inch swatch. Furthermore, you can then enter the relevant data into our blanket calculator to get an estimate of the size of your blanket.

If you'd like to use a yarn other than a six, some good options are Vanna's Choice, Brava Worsted, and Red Heart Soft, all of which are four weight yarns.

free crochet throw blanket pattern

Have You Decided to Begin?

If so, read on for the free crochet throw blanket pattern or click here to buy the ad-free PDF from the EC shop and work on your blanket wherever you go.

With this pattern, you can learn to crochet a blanket and create the coziest blanket ever.

Additionally, after reviewing the written blanket pattern below, please view the Andy Blanket Video Tutorial.

Andy Crochet Blanket Instructions

Ability Required: Low


Crochet Acronyms


  • The finished size of 8 stitches multiplied by 6 rows is 4 inches by 4 inches.
  • Pattern for a swatch: chain 9 and work as directed below.

Overall Dimensions

  • Size of a Standard Throw Blanket: 52 by 60 Inches (132 by 153 Centimeters)


Size Chart

Your blanket will begin with stitches across.

Height Width Overcast Stitching Rows Cot Covering 60 in (153 cm) 52 in (132 cm) 105 90

A Yardage Table

Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick 6 oz 106 yard size was used to determine the number of skeins required to make one blanket. Yardage measurements should be used if a different super bulky #6 weight yarn is being used.

Overall Length As a Whole Skeins Throw 1,379 yd / 1,261 m 14

Design for a Cozy Blanket to Relax On

Chapter 105, to Begin

Starting in the second chain from the hook, hdc, hdc into each chain across, turn. (104)

The second row is worked as follows: ch 1, sc in the first st, sl st bl in the next st, sl st bl into each st across, ending with 1 sc in the last st, turn.

The third row is worked as follows: chain 1, hdc in first stitch, hdc bl in next stitch, hdc bl in each stitch across, and finish with 1 hdc in last stitch, turn.

For Rows 4–89, repeat Rows 2&3.

On the 90th row, you will repeat row 2.

Step Seven: Weave in all the loose ends with a large yarn needle and fasten off the yarn to complete the blanket.


The crochet pattern, represented here in conventional symbols, is:

Diagram for Andy's Crochet Blanket

How to Make an Andy Blanket Throw with a Video Tutorial

The video might not load if you're using an ad blocker. Make room for ads and reload the page to see

FAQs About Crochet Blankets

Exactly why Did My Crochet Blanket Become Angled?

Adding stitches at the beginning and end of rows, or accidentally placing two stitches in the same stitch, is the most common cause of a slanted crochet blanket. It is helpful to place stitch markers every 15-20 stitches and at the beginning and end of each row.

When should I use cold water or warm water to clean my crochet blanket?

For the best results, wash and dry the blanket in accordance with the fiber's care instructions. Maintenance for various materials will vary. Cotton, for instance, can be washed in either hot or cold water in a washing machine.

Have Any Further Queries?

Join our Easy Crochet Facebook Community if you have any further questions about this throw blanket, and to meet other crochet enthusiasts.

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