I Love You and Other Romantic Expressions in French and Other Languages

I love you French

For as long as anyone can remember, French has been considered "the language of love." Maybe it's the romantic associations with Paris and the French language, or the fact that the French were the first people to widely accept the idea of romantic relationships between unmarried partners.

As a result, it shouldn't come as a surprise that there are numerous ways to say "I love you" and show affection in French.

For illustration purposes, consider the following: Have you ever played the game with a flower in which you remove one petal at a time and declare, "He loves me!" The man does not love me, he says. There are, in fact, five stages of love in French, ranging from "Not at all" to "He's crazy about you." ”

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French for "I Love You"

Ah, love Many people believe that the French were the first to create love. It was in the illustrious French courtrooms that talk of ardent love and marriage out of love first began to circulate.

Everyone is aware that love has its ups and downs. Let's take a look at numerous ways to say "I love you" in French.

I really like you (Je t'aime bien). Specifically, it means "I love you very well," which is a direct translation. ”

I adore you; je t'aime You can use this not only with your partner, but also with close friends and family.

I am deeply in love with you; je suis amoureux/amoureuse de toi. Only use this with your significant other.

I care very much about you. You shouldn't feel sad if your lover told you this, because it has nothing to do with love.

To the one I love for all time: je t'aime pour toujours

Je t'aime toujours plus - my love for you grows stronger every day.

I love you more than the sun; je t'aime plus que le jour.

To put it simply, I love you with every fiber of my being; je t'aime de toute mon âme.

"I adore you" (je t'adore) It's a French expression that falls between "Je t'aime" and "Je t'aime bien" and means something closer to "I like you very very much." ”

Passionately, I love you; je t'aime

As the French say, "Je t'aime à la folie" (I love you crazy).

I love you very much; je t'aime d'amour

I'm crushing on him — J'ai le béguin.

She's hopelessly in love with someone, or Elle s'est amourachée de quelqu'un. The French verb for "to be stupidly in love" literally means "to have a sudden, often temporary love," as defined by the French dictionary. ”

Terms of Endearment French

Love and Its Conditions

What do you call the person you love after you've told them you do? A person's name, especially after being with them for some time, can become boring and simplistic. What about using one of these affectionate nicknames for that special someone?

Love, or "mon amour" as the French say I'm calling you "mon bébé," which means "my baby." Angel, my angel, mon ange. That's so sweet of you, ma chérie (feminine form of "my dear"). The masculine form of "my dear" is "mon chéri." My little flea, or ma puce (I know, fleas can be adorable). ) My little quail, or "ma caille" The French word for "doe," "deer," is "ma biche."

I Miss You

At some point during a romantic relationship, both partners will experience feelings of longing for one another. Learn the French phrase for "I miss you"

While the literal translation of "I miss you" is "you me miss" or "you are missed by me," the phrase "tu me manques" means the opposite. ” What I mean by "(Est-ce que) je te manque" is "(Do) you miss me?"

The degree to which you miss someone can, of course, be qualified at the end.

Tu me fals...

Toulouse, you're missed, and I am too. Me too / Toi aussi

There's also the option to respond with

a great deal; beaucoup the French word for "how much": tellement Once again, you're hearing the word déjà grave - in a very serious manner; take very seriously. Only the youth and young adults would use a term like this.

These are some alternative ways of saying "I miss you:"

I can't wait to see you; in French: je suis impatient(e) de te voir. I can't wait for you to return; in French, we say, "J'ai hâte que tu reviennes." I'm eager to see you again; j'ai hâte de te revoir.

Sending you lots of love and hugs

Directly translating "hugs and kisses" could get you in trouble, so be careful. To the French, a kiss on each cheek is the standard greeting. ) Hugs shouldn't be given too much weight.

The phrase "câlins et bisous" is not a common one in France, but you may feel compelled to use its literal translation. Contrarily, they place a greater emphasis on making out.

That's a kiss, or a bisous in French. A French farewell or letter closing. The French phrase for "big kiss" is "gros bisous." Hugs and Kisses; or, Bises

Use the verb "embrasser" instead of "hug" if you want to talk about hugging. ”

I embrace you, or "je t'embrasse."

Love in Paris France

Words of Romance in French

Finally, we'll wrap up by discussing some additional romantic expressions and phrases you can use with your sweetheart in French.

I had a lightning bolt of love (un coup de foudre) and fell in love at first sight.

To ask, "Est-ce que tu veux sortir avec moi?" means "Would you like to go out with me?" in French.

I'd love to invite you out to dinner, so please accept my invitation.

I'd love to spend more time with you. J'aimerais passer plus de temps avec toi.

You are the man/woman I've always dreamed of

I'm completely crazy about you; je suis folle/fou de toi.

You make me look stupid, or tu me rends dingue.

I've got you under my skin (inside my skin), or je t'ai dans la peau. No, this isn't love; it's lust. If you're lustfully thinking about someone, it means you can't get them out of your mind.

You make me so happy, Tu me rends tellement heureux/heureuse.

Without you, I am nothing; sans toi, je ne suis rien.

That's right, I'm not doing too hot without you. Je ne suis pas bien sans toi.

If you want to fall in love with a French speaker and make a good impression, you should now know everything you need to know.

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Romantic French Phrases

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