Here Are 33 Authentically Authentic Spanish Morning Greetings

Everyone is so busy these days. And now that we always have our phones with us, it's easy for each of us to retreat into our own little worlds. But starting the day by greeting those around us—whether they be friends, coworkers, classmates, or even strangers on the street—is a great way to emerge from our isolation and connect with others.

Learning how to say good morning in Spanish will help you have more comfortable and natural interactions with people in everyday situations, from ordering coffee to greeting coworkers.

For this reason, we have compiled 33 greetings for the morning. So, we'll show you the most appropriate way to say "good morning" or "good day" in Spanish, no matter the setting.

Read on for some humorous Spanish expressions that are sure to put a smile on anyone's face.

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The Spanish greeting for morning.

What you really want to know is how to say "good morning" in Spanish, so let's get to it. If you read our article on how to say "hello" in Spanish, you might already know this phrase. If not, don't worry; learning it is easy.

The Spanish phrase for "good morning" is "buenos das." The literal translation is "happy times." It's a long story, but if you're wondering why you'd want to use plurals, Most people believe it originally stood for "buenos das os dé Dios," which means "may God bless you with good days." Over time, "good days" was shortened to "buenos das," which means "good days."

Two friends say good morning in Spanish.

English Spanish IPA Pronunciation Morning ¡Buenos Africans from the country of Zimbabwe boo-eh-nos The day to you. Good morning "bwenoz ias" boonoos dwees Good day Good morning A. bwen d. ia. Say it with me: boo-ehn dee-ah Salutations on this fine morning Good morning, everyone! (bwenoz ias a tuos) boonoos dee-ahs ah-toe-dos Thank you for the opportunity to meet you this morning. Bonjour, it's great to meet you. "bwenoz ias" | "um plase konosete" boonoos dee-ahs, oon plaser conoshrteh Hello, lecturer! How are you today, ma'am? The correct form is: bwenoz ias | maesta "boo-eh-nohs dee-ahs, mah-s-trah" Excuse me, doctor Buenas tardes, médico Please correct me if I'm wrong: bwenoz ias | dokto doctor, doctor, boo-eh-nohs dee-ahs

How to say "Good morning" in Spanish with respectable male and female titles

Adding a male or female title to your good morning greeting is an option if you'd like to target a specific gender. You probably already know that it's common practice to add seor or seorita to the end of a greeting in Spanish if you've studied how to say how are you already.

Additionally, if you have been studying Spanish for any length of time, you are aware that this is a very gendered language. As a result, it's useful to know more than one way to greet a man or a woman in the morning.

English Spanish IPA Pronunciation Thank you for your time this morning, madam Good afternoon, ma'am ma'am bwenoz ias What the heck, madam? Dear Madam, Good Morning Good morning, miss! Ias bwenoz | seoita sound it out: boo-eh-nohs dee-ahs, sen-yor-ee-tah Salutations, Sir! Good morning, sir bwenoz ias | seoa saying "boo-eh-nos dee-ahs, seh-nyor" Hey there, pretty young thing! Hi there, young lady! In Bwenoz ias xoensita, we have: ho-vehn-see-tah, boo-eh-nos-dee-ahs To the young man: good morning. Good day, young man. Ias bwenoz | xoensito ho-vehn-see-toe, boo-eh-nos dee-ahs All right, folks, it's morning. A good day to you, ladies and gentlemen English: bwenoz ias | seoas i seoes boonoos deeas sen yor e sen yoree

Spanish kiss of morning expression

The French language is often cited as the "language of love," but Spanish can also be used to convey a sense of romance. If you want to ruin your partner's morning, all you have to do is greet them with a passionate good morning in Spanish.

Check out our article on the Spanish way to say "I love you" for some mushy phrases to add to your good morning. Even if you're not quite ready to make a public declaration of love before your morning coffee, you can still get some ideas from our articles on Spanish terms of endearment and Spanish vocabulary for royalty.

A romantic good morning in Spanish.

English Spanish IPA Pronunciation Howdy, sweetheart! Buenas tardes, mi amor bwenoz ias | mj amo banos de miel me aos Morning, gorgeous Hello, lovely one. What does bwenoz ias | emosa mean? bade-eh-nos-dee-ahs, air-mo-sa Bonjour, hunky Greetings, handsome man! Ias bwenoz | Bwenoz Wapo goo-eh-poh boo-eh-nos dee-ahs Thank you for your service, princess. Good morning, princess! bwenoz ias | pinesea preen-sah-sa, boo-eh-nos-dee-ahs Greetings, lovable tummy Good morning, heart. bwenoz ias | koasen Boo-eh-nos-dee-ahs, core-ah-zon

Variants of the Spanish Good Morning

There are a few other ways to be imaginative and show off your sense of humor in the mornings besides the standard "good morning" greetings. Common alternatives to the more formal "buenos das" that you're likely to hear in Latin America, where people are known for being both friendly and laid-back, are listed below.

English Spanish IPA Pronunciation Open your eyes and see the light Put your hands up and shine The Latin phrase leantate j ia> Pronounced: [leh-vahn-teh e bree-yah] Best wishes for a pleasant day! Have a great day! Ke tenas umbrwen dia English: keh ten-gas oon boo-ehn dee-ah Time to get up The time has come to get up and about lean-tah-se oa Oh, Rah, Deh, Leh-Van-Tar-Seh Awaken, lovely maiden Wake up, lovely slumber despised | admired | eminent The correct pronunciation is "des-pee-air-tah," and the correct word pronunciation is "beh-yah door-me-ehn-teh." Time to wake up ¡Arriba aˈriβa ‖ ah-ree-bah Wake up ¡Despierta despise (Serbian Cyrillic: despjeta) des-pee-air-tah The sun has risen and it is now daytime. "Ya amaneció" the magic words "a amanesjo" I'm sorry, I just don't get it. ya ah-mah-neh-see-oh The way you awoke How did you get here? "komo amane-siste" pronunciation: /komo mnsi/ Where did you sleep To what extent do you sleep? Hello, or "komo omiste" pronunciation: /komo doormes/ How was your night of sleep? Sleep soundly Dominik Jensen pronunciation: dore-mees-tah bwe-ehn I hope you had a good night's sleep. ¿Descansaste the most deskansaste dehs-can-sahs-teh A question: Did you have any dreams about the little angels? Have you been dreaming with little angels? please calm your nerves I'll have a soh-nyahs-teh with some an-heh-lee-tos "How's your morning been so far?" What's up with you tomorrow? "ke-tal-a tu-manana" We say, "keh tal vah too mah-nyah-nah" Good morning, and I hope you have a pleasant day. Have a lovely morning! "Ke tenas una onita maana" For example: keh tehn-gas oo-nah boh-nee-tah mah-nyah-nah Such a beautiful morning Beautiful morning, as the Spanish expression goes. Ke emosa ma'ana to breathe in the air of mahnyahna (keh air-mo-sa)

Spanish song greeting the morning

What better way to wake someone up for a special occasion than with a Spanish-language good morning song? Of course, if you want to throw a birthday surprise party, you should read our blog post on how to wish someone a happy birthday in Spanish. You'll be able to use the cheerful birthday songs included here to get the birthday person out of bed and ready to celebrate.

The following song by Wisin, a legendary reggaetón singer, is perfect for waking up with a jolt of energy and getting the day started.

Official Music Video: Buenos Das by Wisin, Camilo, and Los Legendarios

Check out this good morning song for kids if you're looking for something the kids can sing along with. If you need a good morning song for your classroom or your child, consider this one.

Hello and a Happy Day to You! A Song About Children Saying Good Morning in Spanish from HiDino's Collection of Children's Songs

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Listen to some Spanish to get your day started off right.

You can now greet the day with a little Spanish thanks to this handy phrasebook. Saying buenos das in the morning will put you in the right frame of mind to tackle the day, even if you're still a beginner in Spanish and can't say much yet.

If you want to learn Spanish quickly, one of the best things you can do is to just immerse yourself in the language, and there's no better time to do that than right when you wake up.

And if you think you already know how to say "good morning" in Spanish, try some of the other free materials we have available. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back for new content as we continually publish guides that will help you learn useful and creative phrases in Spanish.

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