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Previously, screen recording on the iPhone required the use of a third-party app. Now, however, Apple has made it simple to record and share gameplay videos, tutorials, and other tutorials from your iPhone to help your friends and family learn how to use their iPhones. Find out how to make a video of your iPhone screen capture and how to edit it here.

An iPhone Tutorial on Screen Recording

On an iPhone, select Settings > Control Center > Screen Recording and then tap the green plus sign. Next, launch the Settings menu and activate the screen recording option. Then, to end the recording, click the red bar at the top of the screen.

  1. Launch the iPhone's Configurations menu. This app can be accessed via the search bar by swiping down from the center of the home screen.
  2. Follow that by going to the Settings menu.
  3. Then, click the plus sign to the right of Screen Recording. When you do this, the Screen Recording option will be prioritized under Included Controls. How to Screen Record on Your iPhone

    Keep in mind that you can rearrange the order of the controls by grabbing the three-line icon next to any of the knobs and dragging it. Additionally, this will rearrange your Control Panel icons.

  4. Activate the Command and Conquer system by launching the C.C If you have an iPhone X or a newer model, you can access this feature by swiping down from the top-right corner of the screen. Swiping up from the bottom of the screen brings up the Control Center on older iPhones.

    Please refer to Apple's iPhone model finder if you're unsure which iPhone you have.

  5. Then, select the record icon. Here we have the symbol for something important, represented by a large dot inside a circle. This button turns red when you initiate a screen recording, and after a three-second countdown, your iPhone will begin recording.

    Keep scrolling down if you don't see this icon in your Control Center: The screen recording option will be the very last icon in your Control Center unless you rearranged them yourself in the previous step.


    To capture audio as well as video, press and hold the screen-recording icon in your device's Control Center. Then, select Start Recording by tapping the microphone icon.

    How to Screen Record on Your iPhone

    Keep in mind that the screen recording location can be altered by selecting an alternative app from the list that appears above the Start Recording button. Selecting Photos will store the screencast on your iPhone. In contrast, the other choices will let you broadcast what's on your iPhone's screen via programs like Zoom and Skype.

    Keep in mind that your iPhone's built-in microphone might not pick up any sound while you're recording, but the final product might have sound. Some apps don't support recording sound, and you can't capture your voice during a call or a screen mirroring session.

  6. When you're finished, hit the red stop recording button at the top of your screen. Also, you can access the screen recording function by opening the Settings menu. How to Screen Record on Your iPhone

Once your video has been processed, a notification will appear at the top of your screen with the location to which you just recorded your screen. Simply tap the alert to watch your video.

How to Screen Record on Your iPhone

Take into account that if you have recorded audio, you will need to tap the unmute button in the Photos app before you can listen to your video.


Once you've watched your video, you can quickly and easily modify it in a variety of ways. To explain how:

What you need to know to capture your Mac screen on video

What to Do After You've Recorded Your iPhone Screen

When using the iPhone, you can edit a screencast by going to the Photos app and picking the video you recorded. The various editing tools will appear below the video after you tap Edit in the upper right corner of the screen. When you are finished making adjustments to your video, select Done to store your work.

If you open the video in full screen mode, the Edit button could also be found in the bottom right corner.

You can use these tools to customize any video in your Photos library:

Modifying iPhone Videos: Cutting and Trimming

You can edit your video by tapping the scissors icon. After that, you can start and stop the video by tapping and holding the yellow box at either end.

Keep in mind that the timeline can be magnified by tapping and holding either end of the yellow box as you slowly scrub through the video to make trimming simpler.

The Basics of Color and Light Manipulation

Tap the icon that looks like a dial with dots surrounding it to adjust the hue and saturation of your video. You can then use the available controls to fine-tune the image's contrast, shadows, sharpness, brightness, and more.

You can make adjustments to the various options by swiping left and right on the scroll bar that appears once you've made a selection.

A Guide to Adding Filters

Filters can be applied to your video just like they are to still images to alter the color temperature, the contrast, or make the entire thing black and white. To do this, select a filter by tapping the icon depicting three overlapping circles.

Iphone Video Cropping Guide

Cropping a video allows you to remove unwanted parts, such as the black bars on the sides. Then, select the segments of the video you want to keep by dragging the wire box around the screen. Any content outside of this frame will be trimmed.

To switch the video's orientation, use the top-left controls to either flip it 90 degrees counterclockwise or switch it so the left side of the image is on the right.   

Tap the Done button in the screen's lower-right corner when you're finished making changes. It's up to you then whether to replace the current video or save a copy.

If you think you might want to make changes to the original video later, it's best to save a copy in a new location.

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