Guide to a Safe Ball-Shaving Experience

Dated September 4th, 2017 and penned by the Help Team

Over the past decade, there have been many shifts in the accepted norms of manscaping. We've put down the razor, let them tend to their winter mowings, and moved on to greener pastures. We've crossed into uncharted territory below the belt and headed south. Gentlemen, we need to discuss the hair situation in the basement.


It's unsettling to think about cutting up our oldest friends. Fearing I Might Fall When I cut myself, what if the skin scabs over? Why shouldn't our crown jewels be maintained to the same high standards as Her Majesty's? It's possible that either you or your partner have been thinking about trying something different. It could be a casual remark about routine upkeep, or they could have just handed you the blade. If not me, then who? Them Your boys Your gents

The how-to part will come later; for now, let's talk about the reasons you should shave your balls first. After all, we're curious as to the benefits of this decision. The stakes are high, but we must be willing to take them.

The upsides of getting a ball shave

Raises standards of hygiene

Sweat builds up in hair, which can lead to a foul odor. It will stay cleaner and less smelly if you shave the area regularly. Reduced friction and improved skin ventilation are two benefits of keeping hair short. However, we must take care to treat any possible cuts, as even the smallest of wounds can allow bacteria and infection to enter.

Boosts perception

Skin-on-skin contact, which is facilitated by the removal of pubic hair, is a major source of pleasure.

Increases the appearance of your penis.

The full length of your penis may be hidden by a mane of hair around that area. As a bonus, it might help you feel better about yourself and your appearance.

Adds to its desirability

A partner who favors a sleeker appearance may feel more attracted to a freshly shaved area. Taking care of your pubic hair could have a positive effect on your sexual life.

Improves Your Health

Better hygiene is only one benefit of smoother skin; you may find yourself checking your balls more frequently to make sure they're in good shape.

The proper technique for shaving your balls with a razor


Before you shave, you should give the hair a quick trim. A long pubic hair can cause pain when shaving because it snags on the blade. When cutting hair, shorter is better.


Use a fresh razor blade, or at least make sure the one you plan to use is free of any buildup, before you get started. We recommend sterilizing the knife cutter before using it. Because this is such a private area, you shouldn't shave it with the same razor you use everywhere else.

Shaving with a razor is best done in a warm bath or shower. The hair is mellowed and the follicles are calmed.


A much closer shave can be attained by using pre-shave oil to soften the skin before applying shaving cream or foam. It's also useful for soothing razor burn. Spread it around your penis and balls.


The skin is extremely delicate, so shaving cream or foam is required at all times. Do a thorough handwashing with plenty of suds, and pat your hands dry.

Hold your penis and pull until the skin is taut before you start shaving. Always make sure your skin is nice and tight before you shave, as otherwise you run the risk of getting cut. If you feel like the skin isn't being pulled tight enough, try getting an erection.


Be patient This is not a competition. Gently pull your penis to one side and shave the shaft by gliding the razor toward your body with little to no pressure. Just make the same motion above and around your penis.

Make sure to shave with the grain of your hair by pulling your balls taut with your free hand. Use short, light strokes to avoid wrinkling and altering the shape of the skin around your balls. It's important to keep the razor clean by rinsing it often and trimming any unwanted hairs that might get caught in the blade.

Ball-Shaving-Steps-06 After you've finished shaving, splash cold water on your face to soothe the skin. This aids in the tightening and closing of pores, which is great for the skin. Rather than rubbing the area dry, Gently pat the area with a towel to soothe any inflammation.

After you shave, try a balm with soothing ingredients like aloe vera or tea tree oil. Any potential irritation is calmed by these ingredients.


I When going completely nude, a body powder can be used to absorb sweat and reduce the likelihood of chafing.

Advice for safely shaving your balls with a dry or wet body groomer

Although the method is not drastically different from shaving, there are a few things to keep in mind when using an electric groomer.

When using a dry electric groomer, you can either stand in the shower or bathtub to quickly rinse away the hair, or you can stand over a towel to collect the hair as you go.

To get a closer shave, much like when using an electric razor on your face, you should try shaving against the grain. Pull the skin taut with your non-shaving hand though, so that you can get a close shave.

Although an electric groomer can be used more quickly than a razor, that is no reason to skip the step of properly cleaning the blades. For the closest and least risky shave, take your time.

Using a dry electric groomer eliminates the need for shaving cream or foam, but we still recommend following up with a treatment. Thus, skin irritation can be avoided.

Regular upkeep and new hair growth

The use of post-shave balm is recommended for at least two days after the initial shave. Because of this, irritation and breakouts are less likely to occur. Hairier areas are more likely to experience irritation than those with thinner hair.

To avoid painful ingrown hairs and the spread of bacteria and dead skin cells, exfoliating the area gently at the start of hair growth is essential. The best way to get rid of an ingrown hair is to exfoliate the area gently every day until the hair emerges through the skin. If that doesn't work, tweezers can be used to remove the hair.

In other words, you shouldn't shave every day. The skin can be irritated if you shave more than once a week. Make sure you're killing and preventing any bacteria on the blade by disinfecting it between shaves.

The Top 5 Electric Ball Shavers

If you'd rather go completely bare-chested, a razor shave is your best bet for a close and comfortable shave. Go for an electric groomer if you just want to do some light trimming and leave some hair.

The following are a few suggestions we have:

Hair removal cream as an alternative to shaving

Intimate areas like the groin, balls of your feet, and buttocks all benefit from No Hair Crew's Intimate Hair Removal Cream because it is both effective and gentle on the skin. A great alternative to shaving and trimming for men that eliminates the risk of cuts and nicks and eliminates the need for additional prep work.

Test a small area first to determine how long the cream needs to be left on for your specific hair type. It's possible to take action in under 3 minutes.

Totally cruelty-free and tested on sensitive skin dermatologists Seaweed was chosen for the product because of its well-documented ability to calm and hydrate the skin.

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