Gnat Control: A Permanent Solution

I despise gnats with a passion. At least once a year, they find their way into my house because I neglected to properly clean the garbage disposal, brought in a new houseplant with eggs in the soil, or left an overripe banana at the bottom of the fruit bowl. Then I have to spend the next few weeks desperately trying to rid my house of any and all traces of them.

Gnats are relatively innocuous, as most species of fruit fly and fungus gnat don't bite (though some do), but they can be a nuisance when they buzz around your head or your plate. Here are some tried-and-true techniques for eliminating these pests and preventing their return if you're sick of seeing them around your house.

The small flies and gnats that are common household pests all have their own unique tastes and preferences when it comes to the foods and drinks that they are drawn to. You'll have more success getting rid of the bugs plaguing your home if you can identify the species.

A common source of irritation is the presence of fruit flies, which are drawn to the odor of decaying or overripe produce and therefore can often be found congregating around fruit bowls. Open bottles of alcohol and stinky trash cans or disposals are also favorites. You're more likely to encounter these tiny brown bugs in the summer, but you could see one in the winter if you're lucky.

As a devoted houseplant caretaker, the next pest on my list is the fungus gnat. These pests are commonly found in nurseries, where they lay their eggs in moist soil, and can be brought home unknowingly. Black and silver gnats like to hang out in the soil or around the edge of plant pots. They will begin to scatter in all directions if you so much as shake your plant.

Lastly, there are drain flies, which lay their eggs in any stagnant water they can find, including drains, sewers, and septic tanks. Their bodies are furry like a moth's, and their wings are larger than those of the other two gnat species.

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Gnats are simple to get rid of, but difficult to keep away once they're gone; all it takes is an overripe apple for them to return. You're less likely to have gnats in your home if you keep it clean. This includes using airtight containers for food storage and throwing away fruit and vegetables that have passed their prime. You should also clean your sink, drains, and garbage disposal frequently and invest in a trash can with a tight lid.

In the case of fungus gnats in particular, allowing your plants to dry out between waterings can help to discourage the insects from laying eggs on your plants. Diatomaceous earth, which is sometimes recommended for this purpose, can be spread over the soil to eliminate them as well.

If you want to completely rid your home of gnats, you should also consider sealing any gaps or crevices around your doors and windows, fixing any ripped window screens, and mending any cracks in the foundation.

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Even if you don't have the resources to prevent a gnat infestation, there are a number of easy solutions for getting rid of the annoying little fliers. It is also important to eliminate the food source that attracted them in the first place.

The Most Well-Known Apple Cider Vinegar Scam

Gnats are attracted to the sweet smell of apple cider vinegar, so using it to set a trap is as simple as setting a thirst trap. Combine a few drops of dish soap with a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a container. The soap's sticky consistency will trap the insects and the sweet scent will entice them. Some people add sugar to the mix to increase the sweetness even further.

Use ripe fruits and vegetables as a bait.

Your enemy's favorite food can be used as a weapon against fruit flies. Wrap a bowl containing some overripe fruit (like a slice of apple or some mashed banana) in plastic. After the flies have crawled inside through the holes you've poked in the plastic, you can't let them out.

Reuse old wine bottles for something productive.

Gnats can be trapped by leaving an empty bottle of red wine on the counter, dregs and all. Attracted by the scent, they'll crawl inside, and once inside, they'll be trapped. Alcohol seems to do the trick on its own, but some people add a little dish soap.

4. Pour bleach down the drains

You can use a diluted bleach solution to kill any fruit flies or drain flies that have taken up residence in your pipes, as well as any eggs they may have laid. Carefully pour a mixture of half a cup of bleach and one gallon of water down the drain. Use a lot of hot water to flush, and do it again if needed.

5 Use Sticky Traps When You're Not Sure What To Do

When I notice a large number of fungus gnats buzzing around my plants, I set out sticky traps to catch them. The yellow sticker will attract gnats; be prepared to feel sick at the thought of catching so many.

I was wondering what your favorite strategies are for warding off insects. Speculate down below!

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