Getting Rid of a Hickey in 2022: Twelve Methods for Treating and Disguising the Mark

If you're like me and have spent more time than is reasonable trying to get rid of a hickey, know that you're not alone. But here's the harsh reality about hickeys: no home remedy or product will magically heal your bruise in a day (and some, like peppermint oil, can actually make it worse).

It's true that the best treatment for a hickey is to do nothing and let it heal on its own. Yes, it's discouraging to hear, but it's the reality. Still, there are some risk-free hacks that can ease the discomfort of recovery (especially if you're not down to wear a turtleneck for a week straight—IYKYK). So, read on for 12 tried and true methods, some of which have even been recommended by dermatologists (arnica creams! We recommend applying cold packs. Vitamin K are, if you ask me, kind of brilliant

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Although the length of time a hickey remains visible varies from person to person, Yale associate clinical professor and dermatology specialist Mona Gohara, MD, says a week is the minimum amount of time to expect it to heal. And while you can't get rid of a hickey in a day (sorry, just being real with you—bruises can take a minute to go away), there are some things you can do to hasten the process along. What you should do is this:

1. Quickly and repeatedly apply a cold spoon or compress to the hickey.

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Grab a pristine spoon and chill it in the freezer for 8-10 minutes before you begin. Then, while the hickey is still fresh, place the cold spoon directly on top of it and press down firmly. Even dermatologists acknowledge that the process can be uncomfortable, but they advise patients to persevere. Dermatologist Doris Day, MD, explains that "the cold will help minimize the blood seeping out of the vessels into the skin," and that you should repeat this several times a day to keep swelling down.

2 Use Visine on your hickey.

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Eye drops, aka Visine, right? Dr According to Gohara, putting a dab of something on your bruise once or twice a day will help your blood vessels constrict and your hickey look less obvious. Make sure you're not applying it to any cuts or open wounds; only use it on simple bruises to prevent irritation.

Don't bother with the aromatic oils, please

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Considering the potential for irritation, essential oils (such as peppermint) are probably not the best choice for hickey treatment. Dr If you have sensitive skin, according to Gohara, they are not the best method for removing hickeys. Essential oils, she says, are especially likely to irritate skin. Sure, they might improve circulation, but who wants a hickey and a massive rash on top of that?" But, and this is where I'll get to my point, there is the

Put some arnica cream on your hickey, number 4.

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Dr. Axe says, "Arnica is a flowering herb that has been used for bruising for thousands of years." Gohara Dr. Christopher discovered that helenalin, one of arnica's primary components, is responsible for the plant's curative effects. According to Gohara, is a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory that helps reduce inflammation. If your hickey is swollen and bruised, try applying arnica cream topically to the area once daily until the pain and redness go away.

5. Use makeup to hide your hickey

Full-Spread Coverage Concealer by Dermablend.

Dermablend Cover Care Full Coverage Concealer

I hate to break it to you, but your go-to concealer or foundation is your best (and quickest) bet when trying to cover up a hickey. Apply your preferred formula to freshly cleansed, dried skin, blending with a damp makeup sponge, and setting it all with a light dusting of setting powder. Need a rec The above-mentioned Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer and the Dermablend Cover Care Full Coverage Concealer are two of my favorite concealers.

6: Eat a fresh pineapple to get rid of a hickey.


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After that, hurry to the supermarket for some pineapple. According to Dr. Andrew Weil, "pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain that really helps with bruising." Gohara Don't worry, no pineapple slices or other weird remedies will be required. To get your enzyme fix, all you have to do is eat or drink it. For the best results, she recommends eating fresh pineapple.

7. Consume numerous vitamin K-rich foods

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Hickeys and other blood clots can be absorbed more easily by the body with the help of vitamin K, which is found in foods like broccoli, kale, spinach, and brown rice. Eat a salad or blend some kale into a smoothie to heal your hickey faster. BTW, vitamin K can also be applied topically; the following creams and serums are recommended.

Eight, apply some aloe vera to your hickey to keep it moist.

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Contrary to popular belief, aloe vera is not just a slimy plant that soothes sunburns. A small amount of aloe vera cream or gel, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, can prevent your hickey from becoming swollen. While applying aloe vera to your hickey twice daily won't make it vanish completely (after all, it is a bruise), it will hasten the healing process (which, FYI, can take anywhere from two days to a week).

9. Use a banana peel to massage your hickey

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Banana peels, which may seem like an odd choice, are actually the unsung hero of the hickey-fighting game due to their high concentration of antioxidants and vitamins that are great for the skin. The ripened banana peel can be removed and rubbed gently over the hickey. Again, it won't completely get rid of it, but it will make the healing process much quicker (and less painful).

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Since it's been four days and your hickey is still there, applying heat to the area will stimulate blood flow and hasten the healing process. You can treat a bruise by applying a warm washcloth to the area and holding it there for five minutes (warm is preferable to hot, of course, so as not to cause further damage to your skin).

Try putting some vitamin C cream on your hickey, No. 11

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Vitamin C may already be part of your daily skincare regimen. When you have a hickey, it's important to have your skin looking as smooth and healthy as possible, and this miracle ingredient can help. Expect no miracles, but it can't hurt to put some vitamin C cream on the wound while it's healing.

Use your toothbrush to boost circulation.

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How could I call this a hickey survival guide if I didn't mention the toothbrush technique for removing them? The basic idea is to use an extremely gentle toothbrush (you don't want to risk tearing or peeling your skin) ), while simulating blood flow with a brush, move the brush gently over your hickey. For the next five to ten minutes, you should alternate the direction of the bristles to allow the clotted blood to spread. While your hickey slowly disappears, try this every day; it won't feel great and you shouldn't press too hard.

As the last word

You now have the best, no-B.S. S The best ways to get rid of a hickey Just keep in mind that while these home remedies will hasten the healing process, they won't eliminate your hickey completely. But if you follow these instructions, your hickey should heal noticeably quicker, and that's what I call a win, friends.

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