Chunky Ribbed Beanie: The Ultimate Easy Crochet Hat Pattern

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Discover how to crochet a beanie for novices with this effortless Ribbed Beanie blueprint. In this pattern, a stitch sequence reminiscent of knitted ribbing produces a textured and elastic fabric that crochets beautifully. With just one bulky yarn skein, this project is suitable for beginners and advanced crocheters alike.

Whether you are a novice crocheter or someone seeking a relaxing hobby to do while binge-watching Netflix, you will enjoy this simplistic crochet hat design.

yellow crochet beanie hat with knit ribbing texture and a white pom pomyellow crochet beanie hat with knit ribbing texture and a white pom pom

This Ribbed Beanie is an easy crochet project that yields gratifying results. This unisex beanie pattern is designed with basic crochet techniques and stitches, making it easy to execute for novice crocheters. If you are new to this craft or need a refresher, consult our How to Crochet guide.

The chunky yarn and raised texture produce a cozy and toasty hat that is ideal for frigid weather. You can craft it with less than one skein of bulky yarn, making it an inexpensive project.

This basic beanie features a straightforward stitch pattern that can be quickly created. The instructions show how to customize it to various sizes, from newborn to adult large.

Remember that beanies make excellent presents for the entire family! I love making this style of crochet hat as a holiday gift.

You may obtain the ad-free, printable PDF pattern at this source.

Other crochet fans might also like to check out this easy crochet scarf pattern that complements this beanie design.

The simplicity and swiftness of producing this crochet hat are the main advantages. No intricate stitch pattern needed, just a few chains, single crochets, and half double crochets.

I created this contemporary crocheted beanie using soft bulky-weight yarn, which will guarantee warmth and coziness. The stretchy ribbing stitch sequence in this pattern ensures a snug fit.

This modern crochet hat is worked in a flat rectangular structure. You will join the long sides and cinch the opening to form a closed tube when finishing it.

Thus, if you know how to crochet back and forth in rows, you can make this plain crochet beanie pattern!

The hat's body is produced with a half-double crochet ribbing stitch pattern, worked through the back loop only, creating a stretchy ribbing that is perfect for hats.

I stitched a few single crochets near the crown of the hat to lend a natural tapered appearance. This will prove useful when gathering the opening and finishing the hat.

Adjustable Sizes: You can easily customize the pattern to fit any head size, whether it's for adults, teenagers, children, or toddlers. In order to achieve a perfect fit every time, I will provide you with a chart for hat sizes and a straightforward formula to follow.

Brim: I have designed the hat with a height of 12", perfect for folding over a thick and comfortable brim. However, if you prefer a different style, I will guide you on how to modify the pattern.

Style: The beanie is more of a classic shape than an overly slouchy hat.

chunky bulky-weight crochet beanie with a knitted texture and stretchy ribbingchunky bulky-weight crochet beanie with a knitted texture and stretchy ribbing

I created this pattern with one of my preferred yarns, called Lion Brand Color Made Easy. The yarn is bulky, which means your project will take less time to complete. Furthermore, the yarn has a multi-plied texture that provides an attractive stitch definition. Since it is composed of 100% acrylic, the yarn is soft, economical, and simple to maintain. Additionally, the yarn comes in more than 20 spectacular colors. (Kindly note that this particular yarn has been discontinued. You can substitute it with another bulky-weight yarn of your choice, as long as you carry out a gauge swatch.)

Below are some other recommended yarns you can employ for this project.

Wondering how to determine the right hat size? It's best to measure your head, then make a hat that's slightly smaller than your head size. This way, when you stretch the hat, it will fit you snuggly.

ribbed crochet beanie with a fold-over brim and a stretchy ribbed stitch patternribbed crochet beanie with a fold-over brim and a stretchy ribbed stitch pattern

To discover your optimal size, utilize a tape measure to calculate the largest width of your head, which will give you the head circumference measurement.

Subsequently, subtract approximately 3" from this figure to ascertain the finished hat size measurement. Keeping in mind that this particular stitch pattern is stretchy, a negative ease of 3" promotes a snug fit.

For instance, if my head measures 23", this puts me in between Adult Medium and Adult Large sizes. Therefore, after I’ve removed 3" of negative ease, the circumference of the hat should be 20".

To create my beanie, I crocheted until I reached a finished hat size of 20", which equated to 36 rows plus one seaming row.

In crochet patterns, "Ease" refers to the difference in size between your project and your body. "Negative ease" means that the finished product will come out slightly smaller than your body, but don't worry; it will stretch!

In general, crochet hats are designed with 2-3" (5-7 cm) of negative ease, possibly varying depending on the stitch pattern and its stretchiness.

The chart below indicates average head measurements, according to the Craft Yarn Council, as well as a column for the finished hat size, accounting for the 3" of negative ease.

Head size is an essential factor for creating a well-fitting hat. Each age group has different head size measurements, and the hat length, the head circumference, and head circumference measurement are the crucial factors.

For a newborn, the hat length is 12-14 inches, head circumference is 9-13 inches, and head circumference measurement is 5 inches. For a baby, the hat length is 14-16 inches, head circumference is 11-13 inches, and head circumference measurement is 5.75 inches. For a toddler, the hat length is 16-18 inches, head circumference is 13-15 inches, and head circumference measurement is 6.5 inches. For a child, the hat length is 18-20 inches, head circumference is 15-17 inches, and head circumference measurement is 7 inches. For a teen, the hat length is 20-22 inches, head circumference is 17-19 inches, and head circumference measurement is 7.5 inches. And for an adult, the sizes available are small, medium, and large, with a head circumference measurement of 18-19 inches, 19-20 inches, and 20-21 inches, respectively, and head length of 21-22 inches, 22-23 inches, and 23-24 inches, respectively.

yellow crochet beanie hat with a simple and modern stitch pattern for stretchy ribbingyellow crochet beanie hat with a simple and modern stitch pattern for stretchy ribbing

To achieve the appropriate hat length measurement, begin crocheting as many chains as necessary. Add 2.5 inches to the measurement to create a folded brim. Next, crochet as many rows as needed to achieve the head circumference measurement.

This pattern of creating a hat is beginner-friendly and easy to follow. It is also versatile enough to cater to various age groups, with the finished size ranging from newborn to adult. For an Adult Medium size hat, with a head length of 12 inches and a head circumference measurement of 20 inches, the recommended crochet hook size is K-10.5 (6.5mm). A bulky weight yarn such as Lion Brand Color Made Easy is also suitable for this project, with a requirement of 200 yards for an Adult Medium size hat.

It is important to note that gauge is an essential factor when creating a hat. Prior to commencing the project, check the gauge and factor it into the size calculation. Some of the technical jargon used in this pattern includes st/sts, which stands for stitch/stitches, ch, which means chain stitch, sc, which stands for single crochet, hdc, which stands for half-double crochet, and BLO, which refers to back loops only. Additionally, for the project, yarn needles, stitch markers, and rulers or tape measures may come in handy.

This hat pattern does not require any fancy stitching techniques, however, almost all stitching will take place in the Back Loops Only, indicated as BLO in the pattern. Additionally, this pattern is written in US terminology and worked in rows, with the finished flat piece seamed to form a tube, and one end gathered to create the hat shape.

how to crochet a stretchy crochet beanier with half-double crochet through the back loophow to crochet a stretchy crochet beanier with half-double crochet through the back loop

If you're a beginner looking to crochet a winter hat, here are the steps:

  • To start, take your measurements for a brimmed hat with a finished length of 12" and a circumference of 20".

Row 1: Chain 36. Starting in the second chain from the hook, create 30 hdc. Followed by 5 sc. Turn. (35 sts)

Row 2: Chain 1. In the same (first) stitch, create 5 sc blo, and then 30 hdc blo. Turn. (35 sts)

Row 3: Chain 1. Starting in the same (first) stitch, create 30 hdc blo, followed by 4 sc blo, and then finally, 1 sc. Turn. (35 sts)

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until the crochet piece measures 19.5" along the long edge - or about 1/2" shorter than your desired finished hat measurement that you calculated earlier.

For instance, in my case, I crocheted 36 rows in total. The last seaming row would add the remaining 1/2" of length needed to meet my desired finished measurement.

Note: Take this measurement along the long edge of half-double crochet stitches, not the long edge with the single crochet stitches. A fabric measuring tape is useful here, since it's more flexible than a ruler.

how to seam both long sides of a crochet hat to make a ribbed beaniehow to seam both long sides of a crochet hat to make a ribbed beanie

Great news, you're almost done! When it's time to seam the hat together, you have two seaming options.

Option 1: The first option entails seaming the sides of the hat together by working the last row of stitches through loops on both edges.

It essentially requires you to make the last row of stitches and the seam simultaneously. Although opting for this technique creates a small raised line on the outside of the hat, it's mostly disguised by the ribbing texture.

how to gather the top of the hat to make a crochet beanie with a pom pomhow to gather the top of the hat to make a crochet beanie with a pom pom

Last row: First, fold the crocheted rectangle in half, right sides out. Then, create the last row of stitches following the pattern instructions, but insert your hook through both the back loop of the working row and both loops of the first (starting) row.

For example, in my previous row of "Row 3," I crocheted: Chain 1. 30 hdc blo, 4 sc blo, and 1 sc through the loops on both sides to craft the seam.

Option 2: Alternatively, if you prefer, seam the sides together with a simple slip stitch seam. A slip stitch seam will leave a small raised line that you can turn to the inside of the hat when you wear it.

the finish crochet winter hat with a folded brim and stretchy knit-look ribbing stitchthe finish crochet winter hat with a folded brim and stretchy knit-look ribbing stitch

In preparation for seaming, proceed to crochet a sufficient number of rows until the piece is 20 inches long or reaches the predetermined length you calculated earlier. Next, flip the hat such that the appropriate sides are facing each other and use a row of slip stitches (sl st) through both loops of the stitches on both edges to seam the sides.

Once you reach the final loop, pull the yarn through and cut a long yarn tail. Use this yarn tail and a darning needle to create lengthy running stitches along the upper edge of the hat. Finally, pull the yarn tail tightly to cinch the top edge of the hat closed, and secure it by knotting the yarn tail. To complete the task, weave in the yarn ends by referring to this informative resource.

I adore finishing beanies with a substantial yarn pom-pom! In my experience, they are straightforward to make and even simpler to attach to crochet hats. You can find affordable pom-pom maker tools that create particularly round pom-poms by checking out this product.

Although you do not necessarily require pom-pom makers to fashion pom-poms, you can easily make them using readily available household items such as your hand, a toilet paper roll or a cardboard cut-out template. Additionally, if you would like to use sophisticated faux fur pom-poms, I have tried and tested some reputed brands that offer an elastic loop attachment for simple application to your hats.

I encourage you to peruse my selection of the top 25 free crochet hat and beanie patterns for even more fantastic crochet inspirations! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crocheter, each design is beautifully crafted and sure to impress.

If you are as passionate about crochet as I am, please explore my free crochet pattern collection for your enjoyment. And do not hesitate to contact us or join our Facebook group if you have any further inquiries.

Remember to pin this tutorial to your Pinterest boards to revisit it anytime in the future.

Drop a line below to leave your thoughts and feedback. We always appreciate hearing from you!

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For this project, you'll need bulky weight yarn like Lion Brand Color Made Easy, a pom pom (optional), a K 6.5 crochet hook, a tapestry needle, measuring tape, and scissors. To begin, chain 36 and make 30 hdc in the second chain from the hook, followed by 5 sc. Flip it over and chain 1 before beginning 5 sc blo and 30 hdc blo using the same stitch. Turn. Repeat this pattern in rows 2 and 3 until your crocheted piece measures 19.5 inches along the long edge, or approximately 0.5 inches shorter than the desired finished hat measurement you calculated earlier.

To seam your newly created crochet piece, fold it in half with the right side out and work the last row of stitches through loops on both edges. Then, gather the top of the hat by fastening off and trimming the excess yarn, leaving a long tail. Use a needle and the yarn tail to sew long running stitches along the top edge of the hat, then pull the yarn to gather and close the top edge. Finally, make a knot to secure it and weave in the remaining ends.

free pattern for an easy crochet ribbed beanie hat that is perfect for beginnersfree pattern for an easy crochet ribbed beanie hat that is perfect for beginners

Feel free to share a photo of your finished product on Instagram and tag me @sarahmaker or leave a comment on my blog below!

Learn more about Sarah Stearns, a seasoned knitting and crochet expert with over 10 years of experience, on her blog, Her free patterns and step-by-step tutorials have helped countless makers, and her work has been recognized in notable publications such as The New York Times, Scientific American, Good Housekeeping, Vox, Apartment Therapy, and Lifehacker. Check out her website for more information!

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