Cancel Your Spotify Premium Subscription Like a Pro

With its worldwide market domination, Spotify has undoubtedly become the go-to platform for streaming music. However, recent controversies like the 'Justice at Spotify' movement and the Joe Rogan podcast debacle have left some users seeking to cancel their Premium subscription.

Unfortunately, as with most subscription-based services, Spotify makes unsubscribing a bit more challenging than it should be. Surprisingly, there is no direct way to cancel your subscription from the app itself, whether on a desktop or mobile device.

But do not despair! This article aims to provide you with quick and easy steps to cancel Spotify Premium. Additionally, we will answer some common questions about canceling the subscription.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium

If you signed up for Spotify Premium using the app or website, the following steps will help you cancel your subscription with ease:

    First, log in to Spotify's website through your account settings.

    Going to Spotify Account settings (From: Youtube/Dusty Porter)

    Then proceed to the 'Your Plan' section and click on 'Change Plan.'

    Next, scroll down and hit the 'Cancel Premium' button, then confirm your unsubscription.

    Accessing Your Plan section (From: Youtube/Dusty Porter)

    How to Cancel Spotify Premium via Third-Party Services

    A few mobile carriers, such as AT&T and Verizon, offer free Spotify Premium access to their users, but only for a limited time. This no-cost, reasonable way allows users to try out all of Spotify's features.

    Changing plan on Spotify (From: Youtube/Dusty Porter)

    Navigating the winding road of canceling Spotify Premium can be a daunting task, but with our simple guidelines, it's a breeze!

    Cancelling Spotify Premium (From: Youtube/Dusty Porter)

    In case you enlisted for Spotify Premium through a third-party provider like them, you will be required to unsubscribe from that particular service. The steps to unsubscribe may vary depending on the third-party provider, but typically, the following steps can be taken:

      1. Sign in to your cellphone carrier's website or the third-party app you joined from.

      2. Locate the add-on or streaming services menu (discrepancies may arise between apps).

      3. Find the Spotify membership and proceed to cancel the subscription.

      4. If you have difficulties, get in touch with the customer service of your provider.

      Common Inquiries Answered About Cancellation of Spotify Premium

      With subscription-based products such as Spotify Premium, it can be confusing to determine what occurs once you stop paying for them. Here are the most common queries that Spotify users raise regarding the cancellation of their Premium subscription:

      • How to Remove Spotify Premium Account?

      • To get rid of your Spotify account entirely, you will have to wait until you have been downgraded to a Free plan by canceling your Premium subscription initially. Once you are downgraded to a free plan, follow these steps to permanently delete your Spotify account:

      1. Log in to your Spotify account from a browser and go to the Spotify support page.

      Closing Spotify accountThe Spotify support page

      2. Under the Don't have Premium? section, select "Close your account."

      Message Spotify to delete account (From: Youtube/mrhackio)

      3. Click "Send message."

      4. Request account deletion via customer service.

      How to Quit a Spotify Family Plan?

      If you intend to exit a Spotify Premium Family plan, follow these steps:

        Requesting Spotify Account deletion (From: Youtube/mrhackio)

        1. Log in to your account page and click on "Account settings."

        2. Under "Your plan," click "Change plan."

        3. Click "CANCEL PREMIUM" under Spotify Free.

        If you decide to leave the Spotify Family Plan, your subscription will automatically switch to the Free plan. From there, you have the option to stick with the Free plan or subscribe to your own individual Premium plan by clicking on the link provided.

        Cancel Spotify Premium (From: Youtube/Dusty Porter)Click Change plan on Spotify (From: Youtube/Dusty Porter)

        Leaving the Spotify Family Plan won't have an impact on the Premium features enjoyed by the other members of the plan. Additionally, switching subscription plans doesn't mean you'll lose any saved music or playlists. Even after canceling your Premium, you'll still be able to enjoy your benefits until your billing date. Only after that date will you be downgraded to the Free plan.

        Wondering if you can cancel Spotify Premium after the free trial? Yes, you absolutely can! This applies to all Premium free trials, including the three-month free trial program offered in partnership with PayPal. If you decide not to continue with a paid subscription, simply cancel at any time. Be sure to cancel before your free trial ends to avoid getting charged for the next cycle.

        Once your Spotify Premium subscription ends, you'll notice a few changes. Spotify Free has limited benefits compared to the paid Premium plan, including only six skips per hour when selecting music via the mobile app, ad interruptions, and no offline listening. However, you'll still have access to data and information tied to your account, including Spotify Wrapped, playlists, followings/followers, and liked songs.

        If you're on the hunt for a new music streaming service after canceling Spotify Premium, there are plenty of alternatives available for around .99 per month. However, one standout option is Apple Music. This service is available in 160 countries worldwide, boasts excellent audio quality, and offers 90 million songs and 30,000 playlists. Although there is no free plan, you can try Apple Music for free for three months when you sign up.

        In conclusion, while Spotify Premium is a popular choice for a music streaming subscription, there are many other options on the market. Whether you're interested in switching to a different service or just want to cancel Spotify Premium, we hope this guide has been helpful.

        Have you considered departing from Spotify amid any ongoing disagreements, or perhaps found a preferred alternative for music streaming? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us in the designated section below."

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