A Simple Method for Deleting Your Instagram Account

You've come to the conclusion that Instagram isn't the right platform for promoting your business. No sweat In contrast to real life, Instagram offers a permanent delete button.

Be sure you won't need your account information in the future by creating a backup copy before erasing it. Keep in mind the information will be provided in an HTML or JSON format that computers can read, and not in the form of user profiles with photos, videos, comments, etc.

Ready If you no longer wish to use Instagram, you can do so in one of three ways: within the app itself, from a desktop computer, or from a mobile web browser.

Bonus: Get a free checklist here. a detailed breakdown showing how one fitness influencer went from zero to 600,000 Instagram followers without spending any money or needing any fancy equipment.

Instagram account deletion instructions for iOS

First, launch the Instagram app and sign in. Then, in the upper right, select the menu button (it looks like three horizontal lines).

The second step is to go to your account's settings.

Third, select the delete account button.

delete account option

The Instagram app will advise you to deactivate instead of delete your account. Deactivating your account makes it invisible to others and can be undone at any time. Click the Delete account button if you're sure you want to permanently remove your Instagram account.

delete account instead of temporarily deactivating

Third, verify the deletion.

Instagram will inquire once more: "Are you sure?"

continue deleting Instagram account

The Fourth Step: Confirm Once More

Instagram's lengthy procedure is annoying, but it serves a useful purpose by reducing the likelihood of accidental deletions and user frustration.

Why do you want to delete Instagram? To proceed, you must provide an answer and log in with your password. Account deletion is accomplished by clicking the Delete @username button on this page.

Delete @username button to permanently delete account

Your Instagram account will be deactivated, but you have 30 days to change your mind. Afterward, it will be completely gone.

Remove Instagram from Your Android Device

Unlike the iOS version of Instagram, the native Android app does not have a delete account option at this time. It's strange, but it's easy enough to figure out; just fire up your browser and follow the steps below.

Instructions for closing an Instagram profile on a personal computer

Delete your Instagram account from any web browser if you don't have access to the app on your current phone or if you use Android.

The instructions below are compatible with all mobile browsers (e. g Utilize either Safari or Chrome on your mobile device.

First, log into Instagram at their site (www.instagram.com).

Second, go to the Cancel Your Account page.

Third, verify the deletion.

Verify that the username is the same as the one associated with the account you wish to cancel. If it does, then you need to sign out of your current Instagram account and log back in with the correct credentials.

Type in your Instagram password and select a reason for deleting your account. Permanently delete your account by clicking the Delete @username link at the bottom.

permanently delete account by selecting username at the bottom of screen

When is it time to give up on Instagram?

You should temporarily deactivate your Instagram account if you have any reservations about permanently erasing your profile. While deleted accounts cannot be restored (after the 30-day grace period), deactivated ones can.

I think most people would be better off deactivating their accounts, even if they don't use them for a while. It achieves the same result (no one can find or see your account), but without the associated guilt.

In addition, you can choose to use a private account. Public profiles can still view your private content in search results, but you can't view theirs. To be your follower, someone must first submit a request, but you are under no obligation to accept those requests. Existing followers, however, will continue to have access to all of your previous content and posts.

To switch to a private profile, open the app's Settings menu, select Privacy, and then set the toggle next to Private account to "on."

tap slider to change to private account

Delete your Instagram account if any of these apply to you: (Though you can still temporarily disable your account for these if you wish.) )

You have doubts about Instagram's profitability.

Are you able to accomplish more with Instagram for your company? Do you use Instagram for business purposes? And I assume you regularly monitor and record these values

If you're not sure if Instagram is the right fit for your business, it's important to revisit your Instagram marketing strategy. Provide it with a reasonable opportunity to generate a profit for you.

We provide a free social media audit template that can be used to monitor results and make adjustments as needed. After several quarters of inactivity, it may be time to shift your attention away from Instagram and toward another platform.

Not many people in your target demographic have an Instagram account.

The most impressive Reels, Carousels, and Stories in the World mean nothing if they aren't reaching the right audiences. That's a lot of work for almost no payoff.

The success of your social media marketing depends on the quality of your content. Is the typical age of your ideal customer 70? Though some may be there, Instagram is probably not where you should invest heavily.

Do you want to know if Instagram is a good fit for your audience? If you're looking for up-to-date data on social media usage across all platforms, as well as the demographic insights you need to formulate a winning strategy, look no further than Social Trends 2022

Apparently, you're using more than one brand account.

Ah, yes, last year's intern accidentally set up a second account. Don't worry about losing any followers by erasing it.

If your main profile doesn't have a blue check mark to show its authenticity, having multiple accounts that look like they belong to you can be very confusing to your audience. Someone could accidentally start following the wrong account. Avoid muddle by erasing inactive user profiles.

Keeping up with Instagram can be exhausting.

Gotcha That's because it's a bogus excuse. While feeling overwhelmed is real, it's not a valid excuse to cancel your account.

Instead, use Hootsuite to streamline your Instagram marketing efforts, save time, and stay organized. You can now plan your content releases (including Reels!) to plan ahead, handle direct messages across platforms in a single inbox, and get team input on draft content.

schedule and publish Reels in advance with Hootsuite

The first 30 days are on the house.

See how Hootsuite can help you manage Instagram (and other platforms) without feeling overwhelmed.

Hootsuite allows you to manage all of your social media accounts in one place, regardless of whether you use Instagram or not. Everything you need to plan, publish, engage, analyze, and advertise your business can be done in one central dashboard. Don't waste time, and don't let work overwhelm your personal life. You can get a free trial today.

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