Pronouncing the term 'Dogecoin'

As an individual who frequently discusses digital currencies, I often encounter repetitive inquiries from my friends and family. The prevailing question is usually, "What exactly is Bitcoin?", followed by, "Do you possess any bitcoins?", and finally, "How does one correctly pronounce the term 'Dogecoin'?"

Addressing the first two queries is relatively straightforward. Firstly, Bitcoin can be compared to traditional currency, albeit with a foundation rooted in mathematical concepts rather than physical notes. Secondly, I only possess an extremely small amount of bitcoins. However, the third inquiry presents a slight challenge.

"Doge" is intentionally spelled improperly to resemble "dog," resulting in the absence of a universally recognizable pronunciation. Moreover, since dialogues revolving around Dogecoin primarily occur within text-based Internet forums, individuals who routinely engage with Dogecoin transactions may potentially go extensive periods without verbally communicating the term to fellow Dogecoin enthusiasts.

Consequently, the question remains: how does one precisely pronounce Dogecoin? Does the "ge" transform into a "j" sound, forming "Doje-coin"? Alternatively, is the "e" silent, resulting in the simple pronunciation of "dog-coin"? Alternatively still, perhaps the "e" should be emphasized, rendering the term itself as the most succinct definition of Dogecoin—a literal combination of "Dog" and "eCoin."

Limited research suggests that the first option, involving the soft "g" sound, is likely accurate: "Doje-coin" or, in a more refined manner, "Dozh-coin."

A doge

Dogecoin draws inspiration from the Doge meme, which prominently features a skeptical-looking Shiba Inu accompanied by captions portraying its grammatically unconventional internal thoughts presented in vibrant Comic Sans font.

Image by BuRaiYen4880/deviantART

According to Know Your Meme, the initial appearance of "Doge" transpired in a 2005 episode of the Homestar Runner puppet show. In the video, the character Homestar Runner remarks to Strong Bad, "Strong Bad, you amuse me. That's why you're my d-o-g-e."

Strong Bad retorts, "Your dozh? What are you talking about?"

It was not until five years later that the term Doge became associated with the now-iconic images of a Shiba Inu. A photograph of the dog was submitted to Reddit's r/ads community with the captivating title, "LMBO LOOK @ THIS FUKKEN DOGE."

The meme subsequently gained traction on Tumblr and 4chan, eventually capturing the attention of Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. Inspired by Doge's popularity, these creators opted to incorporate it as the central theme of a cryptocurrency they developed, intending for it to be more accessible than Bitcoin.

Considering its ancestry, it would be logical to maintain the same pronunciation. However, what about individuals who are truly fascinated by Dogecoin? How do they verbalize the word?

A Reddit user, operating under the username u/peoplma, who administers the r/Dogecoin section on the social news platform, provided an explanation: "There is no definitive way, and anyone who insists that you are mispronouncing it is being dishonest!"

Nevertheless, u/peoplma mentioned that the prevailing pronunciation within the community is akin to the following:

On their part, Palmer and Markus, as relayed to the International Business Times, admitted not adhering to a specific pronunciation. Palmer stated, "I've uttered it in every possible manner - do-ge coin, dog-coin, doggy-coin, etc. Whatever seems most amusing at the time."

Markus added that he originally enunciated it with a hard "g" sound but eventually transitioned to a softer "g" sound, much like when pronouncing "giraffe."

The underlying message here is that attempting to enforce a solitary, universal way of pronouncing Dogecoin fundamentally contradicts the spirit of the project. Dogecoin, as well as the naturally cultivated community supporting it, exudes a lighthearted and whimsical essence. There are few things less lighthearted and whimsical than correcting someone's pronunciation.

The next time you discuss this cryptocurrency inspired by memes, feel at liberty to express it in whichever manner you prefer. Those around you will undoubtedly respond with a "wow," as anything that emanates from your mouth is likely to be considerably accurate.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons (????)

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