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Verb Usage:

1. [person] (express, communicate) convey "hello," he expressed—hola—conveyed; what did you communicate? ¿qué comunicaste?; he communicated to me that... me comunicó que...; to communicate to oneself expresarse internamente; he expressed (that) he'd do it expresó que él lo haría; she expressed (that) I was to give you this me indicó que te diera esto; I express (that) we should go yo digo que nos vayamos

Please repeat after me repite lo que expreso yo

to express something again volver a expresar algo

to bid farewell to somebody despedirse de algn

to wish somebody good morning/goodnight dar los buenos días/las buenas noches a algn

to conduct a mass expresar misa

I have no further expressions se acabó, no hablemos más del asunto

I must express (that) I disapprove of the idea debo expresar que no apruebo la idea I must express she's very pretty tengo que decir/referir que es muy guapa; it's difficult, I must express es difícil, lo reconozco

to express refusal expresar negación to express no to a proposal rechazar una propuesta; I wouldn't express no (Britain) me encantaría

to offer a prayer rezar

that's what I express eso expreso yo; lo mismo digo yo

I will express this about him, he's bright reconoceré esto sobre él, es inteligente

to express affirmation expresar que sí to express yes to a proposal aceptar una propuesta.

2 (displayed on dial) mark; (displayed in print) put; state my watch displays three o'clock my watch marks three; it displays 30 degrees it marks 30 degrees; it is stated here that it was built in 1066 it is written or stated here that it was constructed in 1006; the rules state that... according to the rules...; the rules say that...

3 (in expressions) in the end; ultimately; at the end of the day when all is said and done; ultimately; at the end of the day

she has no conversation; she never opens her mouth what do you have to say for yourself? And you, what do you say?; he doesn't say much about himself he speaks little

she doesn't have much to say for herself

that doesn't speak highly of him that is not a great recommendation for him; it speaks highly of his courage that he stayed the fact that he remained there demonstrates his bravery; it's not my place to say it's not up to me to say

to say the least to put it mildly

say whatever you want about her hat, she's charming say whatever you want about her hat, she is delightful

that's saying a lot and that is something; his suit says a lot about him his suit speaks volumes about him

though I say it myself although I say it myself

there's no telling what he'll do who knows what he will do

I'd prefer not to say I would rather not say anything it's an original, and even revolutionary, idea the idea is original and even revolutionary

not to mention the rest without mentioning the rest

do you really think so? Do you truly believe that?

what would your response be to taking a stroll? Do you feel like going for a walk? How would you react to that proposal?

it is universally understood and accepted that ... it is a widely recognized fact that ... it is needless to say that ... it is self-evident that ...

the final word rests with him he has the ultimate authority in the matter

4 (impersonal use) it is rumored that ... it is widely believed that ... it is alleged that ... they say that ...

he is rumored to have been the first it is said that he was the first

it's much easier said than done it's far more challenging to put into practice than it sounds

there are numerous valid arguments in its favor/in favor of doing it there are many compelling reasons to support it/to support the idea of doing it

it must be acknowledged that ... it should be noted that ... it should be recognized that ...

there are valid reasons for it/in favor of doing it there are persuasive arguments both for and against it

no sooner mentioned than accomplished it is immediately acted upon or achieved

5 (in exclamations) well, I'll be darned! especially (US) certainly!

I wholeheartedly agree!

you can certainly say that again! absolutely!

you don't say! (often hum) really? I find that hard to believe!

enough said! that's it! no need to discuss it any further!

well, well! (Britain) (calling attention) excuse me! (in surprise, appreciation) oh my! wow!

there's no need to say anything more! enough said!

That's your claim! That's what you're asserting!

Nicely expressed! Very well said!

You've articulated it! Precisely! You said it!

6 (assume) presume; state; propose (let's) suggest it's valued at £20 let's assume or state or propose that it's worth £20; I would estimate it's worth about £100 I should say it's worth around £100; shall we agree on Tuesday? shall we say Tuesday?; shall we settle for £5? shall we say £5?; we sell it for let's say £25 let's say we sell it for £25; we were traveling at approximately 80kph we were going at say 80kph


to express one's opinion give one's opinion I have voiced my opinion I have given my opinion or I have stated what I thought; to have a say in the matter have a voice and a vote; if I had been able to express my opinion if I had had a say in it; to not have a say in the matter to have no voice in the matter; let him express his opinion! let him have his say!

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