Create Your Own Psychedelic Feline: How to Draw a Unique and Colorful Cat - Art is Fun


    Welcome to this fun and exciting tutorial on drawing a unique and colorful cat! In this article, you will learn how to use your imagination to create a cat portrait that defies conventional rules and is out-of-this-world. You will also learn how to apply these same techniques to other animal portraits that you can make entirely your own.

    Creating the Grid:

      To begin, you will need a photo of your model cat. Once you have a photo, draw a simple grid on it with lines that divide the picture. Then, draw a similar grid on your paper to use as a guideline for drawing your cat. This will help you create an accurate drawing of your cat's features.

      Drawing the Cat's Features:

        Using the grid as a guide, begin by drawing the cat's eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and head. Draw lightly, so you can easily erase any mistakes. Using a similar method to what you did before with the grid, create outlines for the patches of color on the cat's fur. These outlines will help you follow the shapes and curves of the cat's fur as you add colors.

        Coloring the Cat:

          Once you have drawn all of the cat's features and their color zones, it's time to start coloring! Use any colors or patterns that you desire to create a psychedelic and cosmic cat that is entirely your own. Begin by outlining the cat's features with violet, and if you want to add a special touch, create indented lines with a ballpoint pen to help texture the whiskers.

          Next, work on the eyes and experiment with different colors and patterns. For the ears, draw unique designs that add personality to the cat portrait. For the cat's fur, draw red and orange circles with yellow circles for added texture. Use blue to fill in any blank spaces at the top of the cat's head, and add darker blue lines to help texture the fur.

          For the middle part of the cat's face, use greens and yellows with darker green fur lines. Finally, use soft pinks, lavenders, and blues for the bottom half of the face. By using an indentation method, you can leave whites in the fur where needed, resulting in an abstract and beautiful new variation of a cat.

          Other Ways to Draw and Color Cats:

            Once you have mastered the techniques from this tutorial, you can apply them to draw other funky animal portraits. In this case, the tutorial used "Punk Rock Puppies" as examples of what else you can achieve. However, do not limit yourself to specific choices in animals, you can create any cosmic creature imaginable.

            Free Blank Cat Outline:

              If you want to dive straight in and start coloring a cat without first learning how to draw one, download a free blank cat outline provided with this article. The gray outline will provide for an easy visualization of how your cat will appear. Just right-click on the image, save it to your device, and print it as many times as you desire.

              Click to view full-size

              Additional Resources:

                If you are looking for more resources to improve your drawing and coloring skills, there are many options. There are colored pencil guides to help you select the best brand, consistency, and permanence. One such guide is recommended in the article. Additionally, many art courses offer a comprehensive approach to drawing that can help you apply these same techniques to other animals and objects.

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